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Species Demon

Abigail is a powerful demon mentioned in the Devil May Cry: The Animated Series who is said to have once rivaled the Demon King himself.


Many years ago Abigail was sealed away by an ancient member of the Lowell family, Aeron Lowell. Aeron Lowell was an alchemist, who dealt in the greatest of black magic usage. He had the power to be able to summon all demons and control them, with an exception of Abigail, who he could summon but have absolutely no control over. He found Abigail to be the most challenging of all demons. Therefore, he sealed Abigail using various items, so that he will not be able to harm humans. A magical pendant, Aeron's Tear, was created in the process. Whoever frees Abigail from the pendant has the power to conquer both the human world and the demon world. The used items were the skull of a fire demon killed by Dante in Morris Island, mask of the wish bringer, the skull of Modeus, and the skull of a demon that wanted the pendant. If a ritual using these particular items is performed or the pendant was to ever be broken, Abigail would be released from his prison once again. It is said that he would then corrupt the world into a smoldering pile to be a new home for demonkind.

Patty Lowell is a descendant of Aeron Lowell, explaining why her mother holds the pendant and knows of what happens if the seal is broken.

In modern time, Abigail's powers are summoned by a lesser demon, Sid, who retrieves the aforementioned artifacts. By performing a ritual, he opens a gate from the demon world to the human world, and impales Dante with Rebellion in the demon world. Dante, having been awakened by Patty, goes after Sid and kills him in his Devil Trigger state. In the end, Abigail's power vanishes and Dante kills Sid, exclaiming "Jackpot!".


Abigail was a top-class demon. He could create lesser demons by the thousands to do his bidding. His strength was such that he could shatter buildings with a single strike and effortlessly defeat Dante. He could produce spikes out of his arms to impale his opponents. Abigail is extremely powerful able to easily overpower someone as strong and skilled as Dante with ease before crucifying and impaling him with his own sword, Rebellion.

After Sid acquired Abigail's power, he showcased highly advanced powers of regeneration, such as when Dante shoot his body to pieces, only for him to rise and reform from his own blood.  


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