The Abyss are powerful enemies in Devil May Cry 3. They look and behave similarly to the Hells, but are much stronger and agile, also showing some magic abilities such as teleportation. They first appear in Mission 17: Inner-demons.


Abyss are high-ranking lesser demons from the deepest levels of the netherworld that manifests through blood. Since they use blood as their medium, they can materialize and liquefy at will, manifesting as somewhat of a teleportation skill that allows them to dissolve into a solid surface and reappear somewhere else.

Abyss truly resemble what in pop culture is understood as a "demon:" a red humanoid with horns and a long, spade-tipped tail. Their bodies are red just in part, since they seem to be white but covered in blood. They possess three spike-like protuberances growing out of their backs, and wield magic scythes that can regenerate the blade even after this is thrown away.

Behavior Edit

Abyss have multiple attacks:

First being scythe slash: Abyss make a downward slash with their scythe.

Second being blade throw: Abyss throw the blade of their scythe which explodes on impact. They regenerate it after wards.

Third being aerial blade throw: Abyss submerge into the ground and then jump out of a random place and throw their blade at you from the air.

Fourth being flip: if you hit an Abyss with any move that knocks it back (for example: Stinger), they will only be launched by a short distance; quickly landing on their feet and charing with a slash of their scythe (Much like Hell Lusts' main attack). If you knock them back, and they end up hitting the wall, they will not make this attack and fall on the ground instead.


They act mostly like Hell Lusts when attacking, with fast, swing-like scythe movements and rapid counterattacks. However, they also share some characteristics with Hell Prides: for example, they're very slow while walking, and they sometimes will jump towards Dante in order to approach him faster. Generally, the strategy for Abyss is similar to that the player would use for Hells, but it will take more hits to kill them due to their higher health and quicker attacks.

When fighting these devils, pay attention to all of them if possible. Unlike Hells, they can cause harm even when they are far away, Abyss can throw the magic-imbued blade of their scythes with no more warning than a slight groan. Jump, roll or use trickster style's abilities to avoid the blades. 

An Abyss disappearing in the ground with a wave-like effect means that the demon is teleporting. It will reappear somewhere else jumping out of the ground and it will always complete this movement throwing away the blade of its scythe, just like in the above mentioned attack. The teleportation can be cancelled if the Abyss is knocked back just before it goes into the ground. However, with good timing, jumping along with it and hitting it in midair can also prove effective. If counter-attacking is not an option, just dodge the energy blade, as it is always thrown in a straight line towards its opponent.

As a creature of blood like the Blood-goyle, it is easily frozen by Cerberus. When they are catapulted backward by a knockback-inducing attack, e.g. Stinger, they will backflip and perform a dashing slash like a Hell Lust. However, they are vulnerable to attacks that knock them into the air, e.g. High Time and Whirlwind. When they fall, use Real Impact and Tornado to quickly finish them off. Alternatively, use the same moves when they block, as they will not move away or liquefy and Real Impact can break almost any defense.


The designs of the Abyss appear to be based on the Malebranche, a group of demons who guarded the infamous Malebolge in The Divine Comedy. Their duty was to guard the souls of politicians guilty of Simony by forcing them to be submerged within boiling pitch. Given how the Abyss are emerged within a lake of water filled with broken statues, this is likely a reference to the Malebranche. The Malebranche are also depicted with large pitch forks used to torture the politicians much like how the Abyss uses pitchforks in combat.