Angels a

The Fallen - a demon, pretending to be an angel (DMC3)

re a species in Devil May Cry, alongside humans and demons. Although no true angel is encountered in the classic series, they are inferred to be a divine counterpart to devils. In many alleged appearances, however, the "angel" is simply a demon with angelic characteristics and powers, or a human who has undergone the Ascension Ceremony, which lends some doubt to the existence of angels in the first place. In the new series, however, angels are a well-known counterpart to the demons.


Devil May Cry 3 MangaEdit

In the Devil May Cry 3 manga, Vergil and Arkham discuss the nature of devils and angels while gazing upon one of the Seven Sins. When Vergil comments that he sees only a devil, Arkham reminds him that the two, meaning angels and demons, were once the same thing,[1] and that this demon has retained its angelic appearance.[2]

Devil May Cry 4Edit

Angelo Credo render

Angelo Credo - one of the pseudo-angels in DMC4.

The Order of the Sword created a ritual called the Ascension Ceremony, which gives its participants angelic form and abilities but actually turns them into demons in the process. This process created Alto Angelos,[3] as well as transforming Agnus and Credo into Angelo Agnus and Angelo Credo, respectively. Bianco Angelos, another result of the Order's research into demonic power, also possess angel-like appearance, however those are just inanimate armors possessed by demonic or human soul.[4] The Wing Talisman is also claimed to be made from crystallized angel wing.[5]

DmC: Devil May CryEdit


Dante (DmC) with Angels on Combichrist official album.

In the DmC: Devil May Cry universe, angels are an ageless supernatural species that have always been at war with demons.

Prior to the beginning of the game, the demon Sparda fell in love with an angel named Eva. Their love transgressed ancient boundaries and bore witness to the birth of twin boys, Dante and Vergil. The happy family lived a happy life until the Demon King Mundus found them. Mundus then proceeded to kill Eva.

Dante is a Nephilim, an angel-demon hybrid, and can channel his angelic powers into his sword, changing its form. Dante's Angelic powers seem to be concerned with manipulating him rather than him manipulating the world, such as Angel Glide and Angel Lift.

Although Angels exist in the game world, Dante only encounters one throughout the game, his mother, who appears to him when he comes out of the Secret World. Vergil also encounters his mother in Hell in Vergil's Downfall.


In the Abrahamic religions, angels are spiritual beings who serve God and carry out his will, and are often described as his children. Most demons (ex. Leviathan, Beelzebub, and Lucifer) are said to have been high ranking angels prior to their falls from grace.

Angelic hybrids are also known as Nephilim. In the book of Genesis, the Nephilim were a race of powerful angel-human hybrids, said to be giants, and the "heroes of old". In the Book of Jubilees, however, they are seen as evil entities. Seeing the creatures as a threat to humanity, God released a flood which destroyed the Nephilim. They were born when fallen angels consorted with human women.


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