Brad and Angelina H

Angelina Hagel meets Bradley

Angelina Hagel is the human daughter of Mike Hagel, the mayor of Capulet Town. She falls in love with Bradley at first sight after he heals her injury on her leg when running down a staircase. She begins seeing the mysterious Bradley behind her father's back, but her father begins to suspect that Bradley is a demon in disguise, and hires Dante to investigate him, and if need be, kill him. She overhears this plot of her father and rushes to find Bradley to warn him of his impending fate. After Bradley sets her mind at ease, she returns home only to encounter her furious father, who strikes her for still going to see a demon. She is then confined to her room until her father is almost killed by a demon that was summoned by his butler, who is then killed by Dante on Bradley's behalf. Despite her father's cruel actions towards her, she continues to show worry for his injury. After Bradley heals Angelina's father's injuries, he approves Angelina's relationship with Bradley.

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