This article is about human-turn demons that serve the Order of the Sword.. You may be looking for Alto Angelo, the human-turn demons that serve as lesser enemies in-game, the man-made counterpart the Bianco Angelo that serve as lesser enemies in-game, or the being known as Nelo Angelo..
Alto Angelo (1)
Type Demon
Status Unknown
Real World Data
First Appearance Devil May Cry 4

An Angelo is a human who is turned into a demon after being subjected to the Ascension Ceremony and gains demonic power. They serve the Order of the Sword.[1]


An Angelo resembles that of a angel to the point of being mistaken for it at times.[1] Angelos also vary in behavior and behave much like that of an ordinary human, having free will.[1] However, only strong willed individuals retain their free will and independent power, as those who're weak willed and turn into an angelo from the ascension ceremony lose free will and become feral.[2]


Angelos vary in power though those whom are recognize as an Alto Angelo share the same abilities in flight and controlling Bianco Angelos. In addition to this, Angelos typically are capable of demonic transformations in which their demon form is based off of their attributes and personality as humans.[1]

Types of AngelosEdit

List of AngelosEdit


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