Species Demon, Insectoid
Appearances Devil May Cry 3

Arachne are enemies in Devil May Cry 3, and are first encountered during Mission 9: Faded Memories. They are the souls of human women that were transformed into monsters as they entered the netherworld.[1]


Arachne resemble giant spiders with blade-like forearms. They come in white or green varieties, with the green version having tougher carapaces in addition to a larger size. Both can shoot sticky webbing out of their mouths and spinnerets in order to ensnare their victims.

Behavior Edit

Arache have multiple attacks:

First being claw swing: Arache swing both of their claws damaging in an cross.

Second being counterattack: Arache can stand in a block stance, blocking any melee or ranged attack. If you attack it enough times, you will stagger and then Arache will retreat backward and rush at you. This attack has a large hitbox, so it might even hit you if you try to jump.

Third being string shot: Arachne shoots spider web at you, immobilizing if hit. You can break free from it by activating Devil Trigger. Arachne can shoot its web from the walls too. If you did not free from its web it will either make counterattack rush (look above) if on the ground, or leap at you if on the wall.


Like the Gigapede, Arachne are weak to fire, so Agni & Rudra are extra powerful against them. Arachne are very agile, able to crawl on the walls and jump around the Provisions Storeroom. Both types can give birth to weak infant Arachne if slain with a melee attack while reared back or knocked over. These little Arachne can be killed with one shot from the Ebony & Ivory, but if they crawl onto Dante they will eventually explode and inflict minor damage, making them only dangerous in large numbers.


Arachne was a renowned weaver in Greek mythology. Her skills were said to be greater than even those of the goddess Athena, and so the jealous goddess challenged her to a weaving duel. While Athena wove a scene glorifying the gods, Arachne wove a scene which not only depicted all of the gods' misdeeds, but was also considered the better tapestry. In a jealous rage, Athena transformed Arachne into the first spider.


  • The miniature spiders that often appear when an Arachne is killed are similar to the Phantom Babies from the first game.


  1. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Lesser Demons File — Arachne: "Once the soul of a human female, the soul transformed when it reached the outer crust of the netherworld. Uses her tightly spun spider webbing to ensnare her victims."

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