Arachne are enemies in Devil May Cry 3, and are first encountered during Mission 9: Faded Memories. They are the souls of human women that were transformed into monsters as they entered the netherworld.[1]


Arachne resembles a pack of giant spiders with vaguely humanoid features. They have many eyes and their forearms are transformed into a pair of blades, resembling those of a Praying Mantis, an abdomen detailed in colored segments and have smaller babies that sometimes come out upon death. The smaller, weaker variant have a blue and white and the larger, stronger ones are green. Sometimes upon death, small white baby spiders spawn.

Gameplay Edit

Arachne are weak to fire, so Agni & Rudra are the strongest weapon to use against them.

Arachne have a few attacks. The first attack is signified by a high pitch scream and the Arachne swing both of their claws damaging in a cross.

For the second attack, Arachne will let out a low pitch scream while lowering their bodies to the ground and lunging at the player. Once the launch begins it cannot be interrupted. This attack is also the follow up to the Arachne's parry.

The third attack immobilizes the player with webbing from the ground or wall. The web can be escaped from by wiggling the left analog stick or activating Devil Trigger.

The baby spiders will crawl on the player and explode after a few seconds. Once on the player jumping or attacking will knock them off and kill them respectively.


Arachne was a renowned weaver in Greek mythology. Her skills were said to be greater than even those of the goddess Athena, and so the jealous goddess challenged her to a weaving duel. While Athena wove a scene glorifying the gods, Arachne wove a scene which not only depicted all of the gods' misdeeds but was also considered the better tapestry. In a jealous rage, Athena transformed Arachne into the first spider.


  • The miniature spiders that often appear when an Arachne is killed are similar to the Phantom Babies from the first game.


  1. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Lesser Demons File — Arachne: "Once the soul of a human female, the soul transformed when it reached the outer crust of the netherworld. Uses her tightly spun spider webbing to ensnare her victims."