The Artemis is a demonic gun which fires arrows imbued with demonic energy. It has the ability to fire multiple shots at either one or many enemies at a time.[1] Its shots are able to stun most enemies, and its slow reload time can be overcome by using multi-locked shots. Upgrading it raises its max number of lock-on targets.[2]

Appearance Edit

Artemis initially appears as an idol in a tall stone statue and was worshipped as a goddess. At its base is a pedistal with three slots for the Essances. On top of the base are four rhombus' that accordion into another. The last rhombus holds Artemis itself.

Artemis is highly advanced silver, crossbow-type weapon of demonic origin. Despite this, it has a very angelic look. Above its barrel is a face with yellow eyes and helmet-like panel. A pair of arms cross in front of the barrel from its sides. Behind the arms are wing designed panels. On the back is a long tail that extends over its users elbow. Artemis is adorned with purple jewels and all of the panels can open and rotate.

Gameplay Edit

Artemis is a very handy firearm, it has magenta bursts of arrows made of demonic energy that home in on a target. Without charging, Artemis will only fire one arrow and has a long recoil. The recoil is made up for by charging and releasing multiple arrows at once. Charging can be done during any action. Firing one arrow will send it flying straight to the enemy, however firing multiple arrows will cause a slight delay as they momentarily float in the air before rapidly bombarding the target, and because the arrows do not hit simultaneously, airborne enemies will be left to juggle helplessly while the player is free to perform just about any action. This this can be used to create new and unique setups that normally would not be possible. On the ground, the repeated attacks cause the enemy to flinch, effectively leaving them stunned for a much longer amount of time than most weapons allow.

Artemis' Gunslinger attacks redirect arrows to other enemies around besides the main target, so it can act as both a an offensive and defensive technique. Sphere creates a giant orb in front of Dante, acting as a close range attack. Acid Rain is an area of effect attack that sends energy raining from above all around Dante, however it does leave Dante vulnerable for a short time before the shots begin coming down. Acid Rain grants a large amount of style points


The Artemis first appears during Mission 6: Family Ties of Dante's scenario, as part of the Mute Goddess' statue located within the central Temen-ni-gru, where it is aimed at a door blocked by rubble.[3][4] Dante must obtain two of the three Essences and use them on the statue in order to activate it and destroy the rubble, though if he obtains all three the statue will compress and allow him to take the Artemis.[5] The three Essences are hidden within the Trial rooms of the Tri-Sealed Antechamber.

  • The Essence of Fighting, which represents the fighting spirit of the ancients[6], lies within the Trial of the Warrior, and Dante must defeat a horde of Devil Triggered Hell demons to obtain it. The demons may  be temporarily taken out of Devil Trigger by activating the crests on the walls.[7]
  • The Essence of Technique, which represents the masterful techniques of the ancients[8], lies within the Trial of Skill, and Dante must jump, dodge, and air dash in order to make it through a chamber filled with approaching spikes.[9]
  • The Essence of Intelligence, which represents the impalpable knowledge of the ancients[10], lies within the Trial of Wisdom, and Dante must solve a riddle given on the pillar outside to enter the chamber with the Essence in it.[11]


Devil May Cry 3Edit


Action Command Description
Normal Shot B s

Gunslinger StyleEdit

Action Command Description
Level 1
Multi-lock B c (hold and release) Lock on to a single enemy on the screen and then fire a wave of searing lasers to light them up. Levels 2 and 3 increase the number of lock-ons focused on a single enemy.
Levels 2 & 3
Max Lock Up (Passive) Increases the number of lock-ons focused on a single enemy. Level 3 increases the number of lock-ons further.
Sphere B r1+B u+B c Fire out charged laser energy in the form of a giant orb.
Acid Rain Crazy Sphere Shoot multiple laser beams into the heavens which come raining down on enemies with increased ferocity.

Appearance in other mediaEdit

  • In Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite, Dante has access to Normal Shot and Acid Rain, however, Artemis's Acid Rain acquires a faster drop in the pink arrows.


In Greek mythology, Artemis was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, twin sister to Apollo and goddess of the moon and the hunt. She is also considered a mother goddess, especially in Ephesus.

The riddle of the Trial of Wisdom is based on the riddle of the Sphinx in Oedipus Rex: "What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three in the evening?" The answer is "Man" — who crawls on all fours as a baby, then walks on two feet as an adult, and walks with a cane in old age.


  • The Artemis bears a strong resemblance to Resident Evil 4's secret weapon, the P.R.L. 412. Both weapons fire a laser barrage, have a charged blast, and cover the user's entire forearm.


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