Automatic Mode (or Easy Automatic) is a special gameplay mode that appears on Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition and Devil May Cry 4 which automates the combat system by performing special attacks for you without any special input or manual control.[1][2]

In the first and third game, an option is available upon the first difficulty mode. In the fourth game, when starting a new game, the player is given the option to enable Automatic Mode. Even if the player didn't enable it from the start, it is available from the character selection screen.

Devil May CryEdit

Enabling this modeEdit

In order to unlock this difficulty mode, the player needs to die three times in the first difficulty (Normal), an option will then appear, asking the player to activate this mode or not. If the player completes the game in Easy Automatic Mode, the difficulty can no longer be changed in the menu.

Gameplay enhancementsEdit

  • Easy Difficulty - Dante's attacks deal a higher amount of damage and he receives less.
  • Easy Charged Shots - The player is no longer required to hold the R button to charge the handguns.
  • Pre-Unlocked Skills - Some skills like the Stinger are already unlocked from the beginning.


  • As mentioned above, once this difficulty mode is cleared, the player can no longer cycle to the other difficulty modes, requiring new save data in the process.

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening and Special EditionEdit

Tutorial Easy Automatic DMC3

Easy Automatic tutorial in DMC3

Enabling this modeEdit

Automatic mode can be selected on Mission Select screen once Easy mode is available. Easy is unlocked the same way as in the first game - by dying three times in a row.

Gameplay enhancementsEdit

  • Auto-Combo: Do complicated moves with a single press of a button. It also sometimes fires off Crazy Combos.
  • Rapid Fire: For Ebony & Ivory one button press creates a barrage of three shots, instead of one.
  • Summoned Swords: When playing as Vergil Summoned Swords appear mid-combo without having to press the gun key


  • Since the player doesn't fully control the input, it is sometimes hard to execute a precise string of combos.

Devil May Cry 4Edit

Tutorial Automatic Mode DMC4

Automatic mode tutorial in DMC4

Enabling this modeEdit

Note that this mode in not listed in the Difficulty Modes given on the Mission Menu, it only appears on the Character Selection screen. While in the Character Selection screen, either press left or right until the desired character has "Automatic" written below him. With Automatic Mode enabled, you can perform complicated combos by repeatedly pressing an input. This mode can be enabled for any difficulty.

Gameplay enhancementsEdit

Here are the gameplay effects used in the Automatic Mode of Devil May Cry 4:

  • Burst Fire: A single tap of the Gun key will fire three Blue Rose or Ebony & Ivory rounds, instead of the standard one.
  • Auto-Charge: During in-game battles, your guns will be automatically charged when not yet fired. (If the charge levels are unlocked.)
  • Simple Combos: A simple tap of a directional input and an action button will perform a combo.
  • Auto-EX: During attacks, EX-Act or MAX-Act activates automatically with a 40% chance of success. (If EX-Act or MAX-Act are unlocked.)
  • Emergency Trigger: When you health bar is below two segments (flashes red), Devil Trigger activates automatically.
  • Easy Swordmaster Style: The Style button will be bounded with the Melee button during battles, making a use of easier Swordmaster Style controls.
  • Easy Pandora Formation: If is already unlocked, the Pandora can easily transform into the PF398: Revenge by simply holding down the lock-on and the gun buttons in front of the enemy.


  • You cannot execute the combos you like while in the middle of a fight (such as Lucifer's Bondage ability), furthermore, you can only execute some commands out of a battle.
    • In some occasions, you cannot predict which combo will be executed by your button presses.


  1. Devil May Cry 3, Tutorial File - Easy Automatic: Select Easy Automatic to execute expert level moves via a simplified control interface.
  2. Devil May Cry 4, Tutorial File - Automatic Mode: When Automatic Mode is selected, you can perform complicated combos by simply repeatedly pressing attack buttons.

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