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This article is about the Boss. You may be looking for the Devil Arm named after him.
It's the stench of betrayal. The odor of that accursed Sparda! I will annihilate every last blood relation of Sparda!

—Beowulf, Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening


Species Demon
Appearances Devil May Cry 3

Beowulf the Lightbeast is one of the gatekeepers of Temen-ni-gru, half-blinded and sealed away for 2000 years by Sparda. He is a boss encountered in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening during Mission 11. In the Devil May Cry HD Collection, the player will achieve the award "Lights Out" for defeating Beowulf.


When his four wings are hidden, Beowulf resembles Pazuzu, the Babylonian king of the demons of the wind. He mainly walks on all four limbs, but is also able to stand and move about on two legs. Beowulf anxiously awaits his chance at revenge. He possesses overwhelming strength and a variety of light attacks.[1]


When Dante enters the Torture Chamber, he senses that Dante has "Sparda's blood", and attacks. Dante defeats and blinds Beowulf, but when Beowulf tries to chase down Dante's scent he instead finds Vergil. Assuming him to still be Dante, he tries to "annihilate every last blood relation of Sparda". However, Vergil immediately kills Beowulf and the demon falls apart, realizing his mistake. Vergil then takes Beowulf's soul as a Devil Arm. Dante later obtains it after Arkham betrays Vergil and activates the Temen-ni-gru and Vergil falls into an abyss.


Arrow Main article: Mission 11.

The main strategy to defeating Beowulf is to jump and slash at his one good eye, causing him to cease attacking and flail about.

Other AppearancesEdit

A poster of a Beowulf "movie" (Beowulf the Lightbeast) can be seen in Dante's office in Devil May Cry 4.


Beowulf is the Geatish hero of the Old English poem of the same name. This poem is famous for being the oldest known piece of English literature.

It appears that Beowulf and Geryon had their names switched, as Devil May Cry 3 Beowulf more closely resembles the description of Geryon given in the Divine Comedy, while the legendary Beowulf would be more similar to Geryon's rider.

Regardless of switched names, it may be noted that Geryon has two incarnations in the mythology and lore of the Mediterranean:

  • Geryon was originally a foe in the the Greek tale of the 12 Labours of Heracles, being a giant warrior said to have several limbs, and most notably, six wings in some depictions; nonetheless, he is said to have guarded the Red Cattle which Heracles was to capture for his archnemesis Eurystheus.
  • In later history, in the Divine Comedy, Geryon was a chthonic demon representing violence and fraud which had the body of a winged dragon, the arms of a lion, the tail of a scorpion, and the face of an honest man. Dante and Vergil force it to bear them further into Hell, and Vergil protects Dante by sitting between Dante and the beast's deadly tail.

It is likely that Beowulf drew inspiration from both aspects to incorporate into his design.

It is also possible that the Devil May Cry 3 Beowulf is based upon the literary Beowulf's main foe, Grendel. In particular, Grendel's right arm was ripped off by Beowulf to be used as a trophy, similar to how Beowulf's arms and legs make up its Devil Arm form, and that Beowulf had managed this feat barehanded. Grendel, like DMC's Beowulf, is also said to have an extremely furious and deepseated grudge for his violent motivations.

The design for Devil May Cry 3 Beowulf could also be based on Pazuzu, a Sumerian wind demon with the body of a man, the head of a dog, the legs of an eagle, two pairs of wings, a scorpion's tail, and a serpentine penis.


  • Beowulf shares a theme song with Cerberus - Suffer. However, Beowulf's theme song is slightly remixed.
  • Beowulf bears resemblance to the Babylonian god Pazuzu.
  • Beowulf may have known Sparda to a certain type of degree, explaining the "stench of betrayal". His wounded left eye may be caused by Sparda when he sealed Beowulf and Temen-ni-Gru.
  • In Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, at the start of Vergil's Campaign, Beowulf's appearance was shown only in the poster.

Gallery Edit


  1. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Boss File — Beowulf: "Gatekeeper sealed away by Sparda for 2000 years. He anxiously awaits his chance at revenge. His overwhelming strength and light attacks make him a force to fear."

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