Blitz DMC4
Katakana ブリッツ
Romaji Burittsu
Appearances Devil May Cry 4

The Blitz (Deu: Lightning) is an elite demon which appears in Devil May Cry 4.


Like the Assault and Frost, the Blitz was sired by Mundus as a foot-soldier. It is blind, so it relies on its other senses to viciously attack its foes. However, it will sometimes mistakenly attack other demons.[1] It shields itself within electricity that damages any opponent who attempts to use melee attacks on it, and it can also teleport around the battlefield using electricity. It attacks with a combination of lightning strikes, electrically-amplified claw swipes, and a beam of electricity which it fires from its claws.


Dante encounters his first Blitz at Fortuna Castle during Mission 15. Devil May Cry 4


Blitz appears for the first time

Blitz appears for the first time

Dante lunges the Blitz

Dante unwisely attempts to attack an electrified Blitz.

The Blitz's main defense is the electric shield it is clad in. Attempting to strike it beforehand using a close-combat technique from a metallic weapon such as the Red Queen, Rebellion, Gilgamesh, Yamato, a Gyro Blade, or even the Coyote-A's "Gun Stinger" will cause the attack to rebound on the player character, along with an added electric shock. It is also able to fire a devastating beam of electricity that it swings across the battlefield, or reappear on the field in a pillar of lightning.

Before it can be killed, the Blitz's electricity must be removed using ranged techniques, like those of the various firearms and the Lucifer, or even ranged Devil Arm techniques like the Rebellion's Drive, the Gilgamesh's Shock!, the Yamato's Slash Dimension F and C, or the Royalguard Style's Releases. The Blue Rose's and Coyote-A's Charge Shots are particular effective at wearing away the electric shield, and the Pandora's "PF398: Revenge" or "PF666: Omen" will remove the shield in one shot.

Once the electric shield is removed, the Blitz can be freely attacked. As Nero, the Blitz's vitality can be safely depleted by grappling it with Busters while preparing a Charge Shot, loosing the shot as soon as the Buster ends, then closing the distance with a Red Queen technique before grappling the Blitz again. This will keep the Blitz from having a chance to launch any counterattacks. When it is near death, the Blitz will regenerate its shield in a red variation, and will become much quicker and more vicious. This shield can be dispersed with a Just Charged Straight from the Gilgamesh, but it can be simpler to just use a few more Charge Shots to down the beast. If the Blitz catches the player character with a charging tackle, it will keep hold of him until it explodes; its grasp can only be escaped by activating Devil Trigger or a Holy Water. Once the Blitz's vitality reaches zero, it will begin writhing in the air shortly before exploding, dealing damage if the player character is nearby.

It is possible to land two Busters, both ground and aerial in quick succession, if you jump right after Nero finishes his ground Buster and use it again in the air, it is going to reduce Blitz's health almost to minimum, even on Dante Must Die mode.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Devil May Cry 4, Lesser Demons File — Blitz: "An elite demon sired by the emperor of demon-kind. Unable to see, it relies on its other senses to track a prey’s movements, and then attacks with ferocity. However, this occasionally leads it to attack other demons. One should take caution not to fall victim to its violent blows."

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