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The Bloody Palace is a game mode available in all Devil May Cry games except for the first. It is a single-elimination tournament that pits the player character against many groups of enemies and bosses, each on a lower floor, until they reach the end of the Palace.


Devil May Cry 2Edit

In Devil May Cry 2, there are 9999 floors, culminating a fight against nearly every boss in the game. This additional mode was intended for the player to master his/her skills and abilities as well as gain a large sum of Red Orbs. Unlike later versions, there is no reward for completing the palace, and you will restart at the first floor after beating the last. The enemy groupings are semi-random for each run through the palace.

Devil May Cry 3Edit

In Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, but not in the original release, the Bloody Palace has 9999 floors, and completing it with either character allows him to obtain his Super costume without completing the Very Hard game mode. After passing one level, the player is given 3 portals to choose; the water portal advances one level and grants a free Green Orb, the lightning portal advances ten levels and gives a free White Orb, and the fire portal advances 100 levels with no reward.

Devil May Cry 4Edit

DMC4 Bloody Palace Nero

Nero in Devil May Cry 4's Bloody Palace

In Devil May Cry 4, there are only 101 floors, with bosses fought on every twenty floors, culminating with Dante on the 101st floor. Unlike other incarnations of the palace, the enemy groupings are set, and the player can only travel one floor at a time. Furthermore, the player has a finite amount of time in the palace, though time bonuses can be obtained for defeating all the enemies, defeating them with higher stylish ranks, or clearing an entire floor, with a bonus for clearing it without taking any damage, while defeating bosses gives the highest additional time.

For Devil May Cry 4, the Bloody Palace can provide some interesting fights not available throughout the campaign, especially when you are playing as Dante. If playing as Dante, an all-black Dante will be fought on the 101st floor; this is considered by some to be the Doppelganger's cameo appearance in the game. Aside from the new black Dante boss fight, Bloody Palace allows the player to fight Angelo Agnus in his chambers, Bael, and Angelo Credo with Dante. Furthermore, it is only in Bloody Palace mode wherein the player can see the complete in-game animation of Angelo Credo's death.

DmC: Devil May CryEdit

In DmC: Devil May Cry, the Bloody Palace is a free DLC package, first made available February 20, 2013. Like previous iterations, it consists of 101 levels of survival-type gameplay. The DLC will require that the game be completed at least once before the Bloody Palace is unlocked.

The floors of the Palace are set in various areas from the game, and switch every twenty floors. Every fifteenth floor in each area is a special stage with interesting twists or environmental hazard. The first set of floors is based on the phantasmal landscape within Dante's soul, and floor 15 contains four puddles of Virility toxins. The second set takes place at Funland, and floor 35 includes the Hurricane as an environmental hazard. The third set is based on Devil's Dalliance, and includes the demon-angel alternating tiles on the 55th floor. The fourth set is based on the underwater limbo area preceding the Bob Barbas's tower, and includes an upside down level on the 75th floor. The fifth and final set is based on the area outside Mundus's tower, and floor 95 becomes surrounded by flames like those from Furnace of Souls.


At first release, the Bloody Palace still suffers from several bugs;

  • During the fight against Poison, Dante is sometimes teleported to the edge of the map.
  • During the fight against The Hunter, the demon will sometimes remain stationary without attacking Dante for an extended period.
  • During the fight against Mundus' Spawn, Lilith cannot be targeted by a Demon Pull once the baby's vitality is depleted.
  • During the fight against Mundus or Vergil, it is possible that the two bosses take no damage from attacks in their final phase, even though style rankings continue to rise from your attacks.




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