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Tasks: Needs to be rewritten to clarify which games call it "Charged Shot" and which call it "Charge Shot". Right now it is inaccurately claiming that it is "Charged Shot" in DMC3 and DMC4, at the least; also, it seems irrelevant to cover moves or weapons that do not actually have a technique called "Charge(d) Shot".

HD Charged Shot

The Charged Shot from Nero's Blue Rose

The Charged Shot is one of the most recurring techniques in the Devil May Cry series. It involves magically channeling demonic energy into bullets to cause additional damage to enemies. A completed charge is characterized by a colored flash of energy, usually around the firearm, to indicate that the next shot will be more powerful.


Devil May CryEdit

Dante possesses the Charged Shot ability at the start of the game. Holding down B r1 and B s together starts the charge, and repeatedly pressing B s after his gun flashes with energy causes him to fire devil-powered shots. The charge lasts for a period of time, rather than a number of shots, so using Ebony & Ivory will allow the player to fire more charged shots than with other firearms. Dante is vulnerable to attacks while charging shots. Once the Devil Trigger ability is gained, any shots fired while in DT will be charged.

Devil May Cry 3Edit

Charged Shots are available to Dante only in Gunslinger Style. Press and hold B s to charge a shot, then press B s repeatedly after the firearm flashes. Up to 3 charged shots from Ebony & Ivory can be fired this way, or 2 from the Shotgun. The Kalina Ann, Spiral and Artemis cannot be charged. Since Dante does not need to be locked on to a target, movement and dodging are much easier while charging.

Devil May Cry 4Edit


Nero's charged shot is propelled by his Devil Bringer, which unleashes a magical charge of a bullet into his customized magnum. The player can hold B s/Bx x to charge the next shot (approximately 3 seconds per charge level). Nero can run and dodge while charging, but is stunned for a brief amount of time after firing, leaving him vulnerable to attacks. There are 3 levels for the Blue Rose, signified by the color of his Devil Bringer.

Levels Color Description
Level 1 Blue The first level of the charge has the same effect as 6 bullets fired in a simultaneous manner.
Level 2 Purple The second level is now charged with explosive bullets that detonate upon contact with the enemy.
Level 3 Red

The third level now features dual explosions, wherein the bullet explodes after having penetrated the enemy, causing internal damage.


DT Dante EI shooting

Dante's Charged Shots from the fourth game

Dante only has access to Charged Shots after purchasing at least 1 Level of the ability for either Ebony & Ivory or the Coyote-A from a Divinity Statue or between missions; however, unlike in Devil May Cry 3, he can charge shots in any style. Pandora shots cannot be charged though (with the exception of PF262: Jealousy which can be automatically charged during Devil Trigger).

Dante's charged shot is a much shorter version compared to Nero's, since the charging only takes place once after two seconds regardless of the level. The strength and quantity of this charge increases with the number of upgrades purchased. Upgrades must be bought individually for each of his guns. Both weapons have 3 Levels of Charged Shot, requiring a total of 6 purchases to maximize both weapons. In his Devil Trigger state, Dante's shots will be automatically filled with magic. Unlike Nero, Dante isn't stunned after firing a Charged Shot, allowing him to fire off a volley of magic shots in rapid succession. And another noticeable fact in the fourth game is that Dante has now increased number of charged shots per level unlocked;

Gun Shots per Level Maximum Shots
Ebony and Ivory 5 15
Coyote-A 1 3

DmC: Devil May CryEdit

"Charged Shot" is used as the name for a unique Revenant technique in DmC: Devil May Cry similar to the Blue Rose Charged Shot of Devil May Cry 4. Rather than simply firing a more powerful Revenant shot, this technique allows Dante to fire a mortar shot that will attach to its target and explode after several seconds. While shots from the Ebony & Ivory can also be charged, this "Ricochet-Shot" technique is instead an homage to the Spiral's "Reflector" technique. Dante's Kablooey and Vergil's Sword Illusions cannot be charged at all. As in Devil May Cry 4, it is possible to perform actions and melee attacks while charging firearms, and the resultant techniques can be Shot Cancelled.

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