This article is about the shotgun from Devil May Cry 4. You may be looking for the shotgun from the previous games or the shotgun from the reboot.

The Coyote-A is a hunting firearm that has been customized for combat against demonic foes.[1]

Appearance Edit

The Coyote-A is a double-barrel Shotgun with a steel coat and a wooden-like material. Its handle has a prominent curve, two short magazine-like bumps are placed in front of the trigger and a sling clip is installed under the end of the break action part of the gun.


The Coyote-A is one of Dante's default weapons in Devil May Cry 4.

The Coyote-A's shot can hit targets at any distance, but is only truly effective at close range. The Coyote-A is extremely useful for destroying the protecting gas cape of the Mephisto & Faust, as well as the shield of the Assault. It is generally useful for crowd control, as its normal shot can cause stun and recoil at close range. Fireworks, especially, comes in handy when surrounded by many enemies. Also, the Gun Stinger attack is one of the few that can stun a Chimera Seed that is attached to a Scarecrow, and is also a one hit kill for a Chimera Seed. If you are up against a Basilisk they automatically knock it over for a fast combo.

It is possible to perform a ground-based jump, Air Hike, or Enemy Step right after shooting the Coyote-A to cancel the downtime between shots, which the player can exploit to immediately fire the weapon again, drastically increasing the rate of fire on the normally slow weapon. This makes it possible to devastate enemies with repeated shots via midair Jump Cancels.


Action Command Description
Normal Shot PS3: B s
XBOX: Bx x
PC: PC J key
Powerful buckshot with a devastating spread. A close range hit will deliver incredible damage.
Charge Shot PS3: B s (hold and release)
XBOX: Bx x (hold and release)
PC: PC J key (hold and release)
By infusing bullets with accumulated magical energy, they are capable of delivering even more damage. Levels 2 and 3 increase the number of magically charged bullets.

Action Command Description
Fireworks PS3: B c (ground)
XBOX: Bx b (ground)
PC: PC L key (ground)
Spin your shotgun around your body like a set of nunchucks, rapidly blasting nearby foes.
Fireworks Air PS3: B c (mid-air)
XBOX: Bx b (mid-air)
PC: PC L key (mid-air)
An aerial display of Fireworks.
Backslide PS3: B r1+B d+B c
XBOX: Bx rb+Bx down+Bx b
PC: PC sbar+B d+PC L key
While Lock-On is engaged, quickly fire behind you to catch enemies off guard.
Gun Stinger PS3: B r1+B u+B c
XBOX: Bx rb+Bx up+Bx b
PC: PC sbar+B u+PC L key
Ram your shotgun into an enemy and pull the trigger to hit them a blast of pure, concentrated buckshot.


Coyote is a trickster figure in several Native American mythologies. He is generally male and anthropomorphic. Although he is not trustworthy and is sometimes considered evil, he is responsible for bringing fire to humanity and many of the other features of how the world works. Despite not being a typical god, he has various supernatural powers.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Devil May Cry 4, Dante's Arms File — Coyote-A: "A shotgun firing buckshot, it has been modified for combat use against demonic foes."