A Crazy Combo is a special type of combo in Devil May Cry 3 that is activated by rapidly pressing the correct attack button after inputting certain combos. If performed, a set of white circles flash around Dante, and then he performs lightning-speed attacks with his weapon instead of the normal finisher for the starting combo. Crazy Combos are so named because Dante in Devil May Cry 3 will sometimes shout "Crazy!" after executing a Crazy Combo.

Flashing Circles

Executed Crazy Combo.

Such Crazy Combos as Million Stab, Crazy Dance, Million Slash, Hyper Fist and Wild Stomp will only kill enemies with their final attack, thus enemies will stay alive through the duration of Crazy Combo, even if their health is at minimum.

Named Crazy CombosEdit

Notes Edit

Satellite and Reflector are the only Crazy Combos, which do not require repeated presses to prolong the attack

In-game Showcase Edit

Melee Weapons Edit

Rebellion Cerberus Agni & Rudra Nevan Beowulf
Million Stab Satellite Million Slash Jam Session Hyper Fist
Million Stab00:06

Million Stab



Million Slash00:08

Million Slash

Jam Session00:08

Jam Session

Hyper Fist00:07

Hyper Fist

Crazy Dance Million Carats Tempest Crazy Roll Tornado
Crazy Dance00:12

Crazy Dance

Million Carats00:06

Million Carats



Crazy Roll00:05

Crazy Roll



Firearms Edit

Ebony & Ivory Shotgun Artemis Spiral
Wild Stomp Point Blank Acid Rain Reflector
Wild Stomp00:06

Wild Stomp

Point Blank00:03

Point Blank

Acid Rain00:06

Acid Rain



Rapid Shot Rapid Shot
Rapid Shot (Ebony & Ivory)00:04

Rapid Shot (Ebony & Ivory)

Rapid (Shot Shotgun)00:06

Rapid (Shot Shotgun)

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