Credo DMC4
Name Data
Alias(es) One-Winged Dark Knight
Katakana クレド
Professional Data
Affiliation(s) Order of the Sword
Relation(s) Kyrie (younger sister)
Personal Data
Species Human, Artificial Demon
Status Deceased
Real World Data
Appearance(s) Devil May Cry 4
Actor(s) Terence J. Rotolo (voice)

Daniel Southworth (motion capture)

As captain of the Holy Knights, you are now under arrest. It is the wish of his Holiness!

—Credo, Devil May Cry 4

Credo was the Captain of the Holy Knights, and earned his title due to his ability with a blade and his unwavering loyalty to the Order of the Sword and its ideals, not to mention to Sanctus and his teachings. As the Captain of the holy knights, he has hundreds of soldiers under his command. Coincidentally, he is also the older brother of Kyrie. He treats Nero as part of his family, despite the youth's insubordination.[1]


Devil May Cry 4Edit

Credo is first seen in the introduction as part of the audience while Sanctus preaches about the heroic deeds of Sparda. He occasionally glares towards Nero until Kyrie joins the latter. As Dante crashes in and assassinates Sanctus, he screams an order at the knights present to kill him while Credo attends to the prophet's corpse. Before Dante can confirm the kill, Nero jumps in and confronts the Son of Sparda directly as Credo takes his sister to safety and calls for backup. After the fight, he returns with his sister, who gives Nero the Red Queen. He quickly berates Nero for his carelessness in the situation, but leaves it up to him to take care of the demons.

Later on, he is seen watching over the corpse of Sanctus as it undergoes a violent transformation: the process of the Ascension Ceremony. After Sanctus awakens, Credo reports the status of the situation concerning Dante. Agnus visits to behold Sanctus' new power, and warns Credo of the threat of compromise to his research by Nero, but Credo seems unconcerned by it.

Once more, he attends a meeting between him, Gloria, Agnus, and Sanctus discussing the current situation. As Gloria leaves, Credo expresses doubt about her loyalty to the Order, despite her having brought them the Sparda. Credo makes another appearance to intercept Nero's and reveals himself to have taken part in the Ascension, taking on the form of an angel-like demon to face off against the half-demon. Nero defeats him and absorbs a part of his shield, forcing Credo to revert to his human form. Before Nero can move in to kill Credo, their battle is witnessed by Kyrie and in the confusion, Agnus kidnaps her. Credo was unaware of this twist however and openly rebels against the Order to save his sister.

Credo's last stand is witnessed as he attacks Sanctus, who is now empowered by the Savior, but fails, and is impaled by Yamato. Credo explains how he believes in everything that the Order stood for, but his faith shattered when Sanctus used his own, innocent sister to get to Nero and Yamato. Sanctus, who thinks that love is worthless, throws him off the statue. Before he can fall very far, Dante sweeps in to catch him. As his skin pales, he tells Dante and Trish about Sanctus' plans to open the real Hell Gate and then destroy all demons. Before dying, he forces himself to his feet and begs Dante to honor his last request to save Nero and Kyrie.

Angelo CredoEdit

Angelo Credo

Angelo Credo, the One-winged Dark Knight

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I have been chosen to take the next step in evolution to become something far more than just human. I am an angel!

—Credo, Devil May Cry 4

Like Agnus, Credo possesses a demonic form after his Ascension Ceremony, named "Angelo Credo", or the "One-winged Dark Knight" (誇り高き刃:隻翼の魔剣士 Hokoritakaki Ha: Sekiyoku no Makenshi?, lit. "Proud Blade: One-winged Dark Knight") His indestructible shield represents his willingness to defend the Order, and thus his unwavering faith to the Order of the Sword.[2]

Angelo Credo's fighting style is almost identical to that of Nelo Angelo and Alto Angelo. He even emulates the former's Summoned Swords by manifesting golden spears of energy that operate in a similar matter. When Credo throws these spears, a well timed Buster will send it right back at him. This leaves him open for a Buster if the player gets to him fast enough.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Powers Edit

After being "ascended", Credo gains great demonic powers.

  • Teleportation: He was able to teleport.
  • Flight: Although he only possessed one wing, it allowed magical flight.
  • Summoned Spears: He could conjure golden spears to throw at great speeds or surround an opponent.
  • Super Strength: He was strong enough to create powerful fissure slashes with the use of his sword and to stand against Nero, a descendant of Sparda, for a prolonged time. He also sports the Aegis Shield in his demonic form, in which is powerful enough to block attacks from the Red Queen. However, despite his abilities and powers, he is no match for Nero nor Sanctus.

Abilities Edit

  • Skilled Swordsman: Prior to participating in the Ascension Ceremony, Credo was known to be a master swordsman, owing the reason of his promotion to Captain of the Holy Knights.[1]


Credo composition by Mozart
Mozart - Coronation mass - Credo06:14

Mozart - Coronation mass - Credo

The Credo ("I believe" in Latin; also known as the Nicene Creed or the Apostles' Creed) is the third part of the Catholic Ordinary of the Mass. It is traditionally sung in Latin.


  • In the novelization of Devil May Cry 4, it was mentioned that Credo was the person who taught Nero his sword fighting skills.
  • Credo's status as the one-winged dark knight is similar to Final Fantasy VII antagonist Sephiroth's "Safer-Sephiroth" boss form (also, his theme has a similar name, "One-Winged Angel").


  1. 1.0 1.1 Devil May Cry 4, Character — Credo: "Credo is the Supreme General of the Holy Knights, and earned his title due to his ability with a blade, his austere demeanor and ability to lead his forces have made him a beloved leader and comrade. As Kyrie’s brother, he too has accepted Nero into his family, despite the youth’s insubordination."
  2. Devil May Cry 4, Boss File — Angelo Credo: "The demon form of Credo after his Ascension ceremony. The shield held in his left hand is meant to protect the Order and thus exists as a symbol of Credo’s faith. The shield is also capable of repelling any sort of attack."

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