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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Even as a child I had powers. There is demonic blood in me.

—Dante to Trish., Devil May Cry

Powers Edit

Dante possesses extraordinary powers far beyond that of any human being and most demons thanks to the blood of his father, Sparda, running through his veins. Throughout the course of the series Dante has achieved victory over almost all of the powerful demons he's encountered, a notable example being in the anime, when Dante defeated Sid upon entering his Devil Trigger state even after that latter had gained the powers of the immensely powerful demon Abigail. It's implied that Dante's power surpasses that of even his father, a notable example being when Dante defeated Griffon for the final time and the latter commented, "Yours [Dante's] are definitely the powers of Sparda. No, even more so.", but the best example being the mission signpost in the final mission of Devil May Cry 2, which states, "The Hunter shall surpass all who came before him". This puts Dante among the strongest beings in the series' universe.

Dante rarely shows himself to struggle in battle and wins most of his fights with such ease it's as if he was merely toying with his opponent, however he does get defeated by his brother Vergil in their first battle in Devil May Cry 3 but this was probably because Dante was not in his awakened state while Vergil was. The proof for it, would be the fact that after Dante has awakened, in their second fight both twins got equally matched. Nero apparently defeated him at the beginning of Devil May Cry 4, but Dante admitted the battle only ended the way it did because he underestimated Nero. In their second fight Dante defeated Nero with almost no effort and made the latter realize that he was being toyed with from the beginning. This rare show of struggle is another example of his tremendous power, showing that Dante simply holds back greatly against opponents who are in theory stronger then him, and in the end defeats them without any signs of difficulty. However, when his opponents can prove themselves to be worthy adversaries, then Dante will stop toying with his opponents and fight them seriously, as shown with Mundus.

In Devil May Cry 4, it is implied that Dante's strength is not just due to his father, but also from his will to protect others. It is implied that any demon who possesses the will to protect and love others rather than to simply destroy will gain the full might of their demonic power, though Dante and Vergil may simply be exceptions due to their hybrid souls and human upbringing by their mother.

Superhuman Strength: Dante possesses incredible raw bodily strength even while in human form. He is able to easily throw around street thugs and an obese prison warden. He is aslo able to easily snap handcuffs. He can shatter stone with little difficulty, and often overpowers demons much larger and more imposing than himself. He's even strong enough to block The Savior's punch with little strain. Dante's display of superhuman strength, endurance, and resistance to injury shows that his physical condition is much tougher and more efficient than that of even most of the powerful demons, allowing him to exert his supernaturally enhanced muscle power to vast proportions without fear of injury or fatigue.[1]

Superhuman Speed: Dante is blindingly fast, and in some cases appears to be teleporting. During his younger years, was capable of swinging his sword so fast that rain drops cannot escape his blade over a wide area. Also while Dante was running down the side of Temi-Ni-Gru, he shot Rebellion, causing it to fall so quickly it began superheating the air around it, then he chased his sword fast enough to catch up to it and eventually reaching a speed great enough that the air around his hand became superheated as well. Dante's reflexes are fast enough that he can dodge bullets, slice them, shoot them out of the air, and even catch them with his teeth.

Superhuman Agility: He is extremely agile as well; able to jump to great heights or even balance himself on a flying rocket, as well as run up vertical walls. In addition, his agility allows him to perform amazing feats of acrobatics that easily surpass even the finest human acrobat.

Superhuman Durability: Dante's durability has been shown to allow him to simply shrug off wounds that would either disable or outright kill a normal demon, such as being impaled through the chest with his own sword. He was also punched by Beowulf so hard that his body made an imprint in the stone ground, but Dante showed no signs of injury. His teeth are also strong enough to catch bullets. By Devil May Cry, he is capable of withstanding Hellfire and lightning strikes with no signs of injury.

Superhuman Endurance: Despite some of the physically punishing things Dante has gone through, he has the ability to move forward with little difficulty. Even while impaled with Hell Pride's scythes lodged in his torso and arms, he casually walks about his office. He often went on hours long missions with constant fighting, no rest, food, or water and shows no fatigue.

Healing Factor: Dante can instantly heal from nearly any wound; even the Hell Prides were surprised when he ignored their attacks at the beginning of Devil May Cry 3. Combined with his great resilience, Dante's healing factor makes him nearly unkillable.

Demonic Energy Manipulation: He is able to channel his demonic energies into various physical objects, ranging from his guns to the air itself.[2]

Telekinesis: In the opening cut-scene of the original Devil May Cry, he demonstrates telekinetic abilities, catching Trish's motorcycle in mid-flight before shooting it with Ebony and Ivory. He also appeared to show telekinetic abilities in the anime, shown when he splayed his hand and Rebellion smashed through the ceiling window before landing in his hand, although this could also be related to Dante's metaphysical connection to the sword.

Abilities Edit

Weapons Expert: Dante is proficient with any variety of weapons, including swords, scythes, gauntlets, greaves, and even unorthodox supernatural weapons like Lucifer and much more. He is also able to pick up a brand new weapon and is capable of instantly (within moments of picking them up) understanding its capablities and mastering it on his own.

  • Master Swordsman: As Dante's primary fighting style, he is incredibly skilled with various types of swords including broadswords, katanas, and scimitars.
  • Sharpshooter: Although he is aided by his superhuman precision in gunfights, Dante has an innate mastery of any firearm he comes in contact with. He is capable of shooting in two different directions at once without missing his targets and can shoot with such accuracy that his bullets stack on the hilt of Yamato from hundreds of feet away as well as can hit the incoming bullets towards him.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combantant: While using weapons like Beowulf, Gilgamesh, and Ifrit, Dante has been shown to be adept at hand-to-hand combat, using various martial arts techniques, including Bruce Lee's one-inch punch. He is also capable of defeating demons completely unarmed with little difficulty.

Musical Aptitude: Briefly shown in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening; using Nevan, Dante performs a more hardcore version of the first three verses of "Taste The Blood". He also has a guitar and drumset in his office.

Devil Trigger

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  • Dante Rebellion Devil Trigger (DMC3)
  • Dante Devil Trigger (DMC4)
  • Dante Devil Trigger (DMC2)
  • Dante Majin Form
Thanks to his half-demon nature, Dante can release his demonic power through his Devil Trigger. This turns him into a full on demon and also it amplifies everything about him to a whole new level (like when he overpowered abigail by just tapping into it). The appearance of this form varies throughout the games—in Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 3, the form is influenced by which Devil Arm he carries, while in Devil May Cry 2[3] and Devil May Cry 4 he has a pair of Devil Forms believed to be his "true" Devil form. These forms greatly increase his strength, speed and healing speed and also it grants him new abilities, like flying. These abilities could be chosen in Devil May Cry 2 by selecting the different pieces in the Amulet.


Though Dante has an extensive collection of weapons, he most comonly carries:

Rebellion: A keepsake sword from his father and a manifestation of his power.

Ebony & Ivory: Dante's twin handguns, custom built for rapid fire.

Force Edge: Dante temporarily replaced Rebellion as his main sword from the end of the events of Devil May Cry 3 until giving it to Trish at the end of Devil May Cry.

He has also used a shotgun in every title in the series, though its exact form changes throughout the games. Over the course of the past four games, Dante has collected a wide variety of weapons in addition to his regular arsenal, ranging from a curious electric guitar and several pairs of gauntlets/greaves to twin submachine guns and a shape-changing, demonic briefcase. He keeps many weapons and trophies displayed within his office, so it is likely that he keeps old weapons there as well.

Intellect Edit

"You were the first to know about my vengeance. Looks like I'm getting closer."

An often overlooked aspect about Dante's abilities is his subtle, yet amazingly cunning analytical skills. His detective prowess ranges from always keeping a full grasp on convoluted mission objectives, to understanding an item's function and intended purpose only moments after first picking it up, and usually being able to differentiate between good and evil at a glance. He also showcases these skills in the form of a talent for reading people; he accurately assessed that the seemingly gentle Modeus was interested in killing him for his soul, and that Modeus was going to try to take revenge against him for killing Baul.


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