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The Death Knight is a type of lesser demon in DmC: Devil May Cry Death Knights and their variants carry shields around their left arm and wield blades with their right.


Death KnightEdit

Death Knight DmC
Like the Stygian, the Death Knight possesses a razor blade instead of an arm, but also employs a shield to protect itself. Their shields can be broken through successive blows, but they can deflect and counter weaker weapons, so it is best to use heavy attacks from Arbiter or Eryx to smash through their shields, leaving them vulnerable.

Hell KnightEdit

Hell Knight DmC
Hell Knight is a variation of the Death Knight. They appear similar to Death Knight but they can be distinguished by their bright red appearance, a fiery bladed arm, and their immunity to weapons other than those of the Demonic type such as Arbiter and Eryx. They can corrupt the ground with a searing blaze, damaging Dante if he is not equipped with a Demonic-type weapon while he is stepping on it. To easily defeat them, their shield must be broken first to stagger them for a period of time.

Frost KnightEdit

Frost Knight DmC
Frost Knight is another variation of the Death Knight. They are distinguished by their bluish color and their immunity to weapons that are not of the Angelic type. Frost Knights can release waves of ice that can freeze targets, even other enemies. The wave of ice can be parried to freeze them instead.

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