"The aerial heart will give the hunter the chance to reach the skies."
―"Guidepost for the Hunters" Chapter 1 Clause 8
...Looks like it's your lucky day.

Dante, Devil May Cry 2


Break down the Door blocking the way in front of you and turn left until you reach the first Door which holds a large red orb. Then continue to the next one further down (beware of the trap door ahead), where you will see an orb dispenser however pressing against the wall holds the next secret room. Return back on track, the next Door ahead will cause the wall to move and a new area full of Flambats. Before you move on to the narrow path, behind you will be yet another Door that causes another wall to be moved; around the corner will trigger another trap door this time with red orbs instead. Now, enter the slim path earlier that is lined with orbs and as you approach the door you will have to solve the puzzle. To do so, simply destroy 8 of the floating orbs (one for every fire along the door). From the exit, run down the room and turn right (there is a trap door full of Pyromancers) to collect the blue orb hidden behind a Door. Move to the opposite side now and slash down the Door to slide the wall down repeat this to the next 2. On the third time, there will be a Blue Device that will destroy the seal on the Sealed Door but there's a coffin to the left of the sphere that'll lead to another Secret Room. Enter it and defeat all of the enemies, in the corner is a Devil Trigger reviver which can help if you’re struggling with the [[Goat Clan|Goatlings]. Now that the hole in the wall is unsealed grab Aerial Heart, your first Movement Devil Heart for your Amulet. Hop back onto the plate to refill your DT Gauge and equip Aerial Heart on your Amulet. In Devil Trigger mode, fly straight up into the doorway and head over to the next level.