"Close to your eyes, but far-off in your mind, the hunter must learn to the value of opinions."
―"Guidepost for the Hunters" Chapter 5 Clause 4


As you try to progress ahead, you’ll be encountered by Freki and Geri but they don’t pose too much of a threat by themselves for they mostly just dart around until they become stationary. You’ll then be encountered by Blood Goats and Puias at the top of the ramp. Before you leave to the entranceway to the left, head along the blue ledge on the right where there’ll be a door marking the next Secret Room. On the other side of the entrance leads to Homromsiras and a familiar foe…

Boss: OrangguerraEdit

Orangguerra returns this time with much more Vitality and now the ability to expel sonic booms when it shouts that will send Dante flying. It also uses the same tactics from before so watch out for his arms. The shotgun is very effective in this boss battle.

From there, look for a set of double doors under a lamppost on the glowing ledge for a Secret Mission. Trudge on until you face the Infested Tanks, their shots are limited to long range and have virtually no defense in close range combat. This can boost your Stylish Rank at the end of the mission if all goes well. After, head onto the broken highway and collect the Blue Orb fragment at the end of it. Then hop off of it where you should see a burning truck, cross the street where there should be a set of double doors that leads to a Secret Room. Once you leave, run along the side of the street where you should see some crumbled material with a red orb. Hop over it and through the door where you will find Offence Heart. Back on track, a cutscene will occur of an Infested Helicopter. Escape through the dark entrance on the far right corner and hop up the different floors until you reach the roof; beware of the missiles and bullets that it will shoot as you jump. At the top, follow to path marked by orbs and cutscenes until you reach the base of the building. Climb your way to the top but be sure to get the Blue Orb fragment at the back corner of the ledge above the spotlights, and then climb back up to the roof.

Boss: Infested HelicopterEdit

The helicopter only shoots missiles and bullets at Dante so hide behind the four pillars on the corners if needed. Because it is solely airborne, you are stuck with your guns and if you fall off or get knocked off, simply climb back up and try again. After this, the cutscene ends the mission.