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Arius to Dante, Devil May Cry 2

Mission : 8
DMC2 D 08
Follow Arius and defeat Furiataurus.
Characters Dante
Bosses Furiataurus
Mission Navigation
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"Mission 7" "Mission 9"

Boss: FuriataurusEdit

The mission will start out with a cutscene featuring our main antagonist Arius and then our new boss Furiataurus. It will swing its hammer in the air like a tornado which will force you closer to it slowly before striking. Furiataurus uses fire as his main element; often it will create a wall of fire around itself to trap Dante or one laid horizontally that travels outwards after a jump. Also, if you stray too far it will charge at you but just dodge to the size as usual. If you choose to fight melee, just make sure to evade when it summons fire blasts that will send you back or swing around its hammer at you. The best option here would be to use your guns as with most bosses.

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