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Mission : 17
Characters Dante
Lesser Demons (1) Msira, Secretary
Bosses Arius
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"Mission 16" "Mission 18"

Dante, Devil May Cry 2

Boss: AriusEdit

Once the cutscenes are over, you’ll have to face Arius for the second time. He uses the same tactics as before, the only factors changing are the arena space and his Secretaries. There are thrones scattered around the edge of the room, the location of which one Arius will teleport to is random but the best way to decipher where he is would be to use lock on. His secretaries can be very annoying along with the Msira. As expected, their fighting style is the same as Lucia’s, and it is very difficult to escape during their combos. Killing them doesn’t affect Arius’s vitality, but they will reward you with White Orbs. Aside from that, hack and slash at Arius until he is defeated.

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