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Mission : 13
Characters Lucia
Bosses Arius
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"Mission 12" "None :D"
Both sides, are heads! He tricked me.

Lucia, Devil May Cry 2

Boss: Possessed AriusEdit

This time around Arius is much more difficult compared to the previous fight. First, you fight him hand-to-hand but watch out for his various lasers and floating orbs that he’ll send out as well as his shoulder limbs that will attack you. He also will body slam you so watch out. When he begins to levitate quickly run behind him or he’ll activate an exploding set of beams or a larger sweeping beam that will track you. Traditional melee and cranky bombs really work well with this fight. Continue until you beat him and move onto the second part.

Arius Argosax: Part 2Edit

Lucia will be flung between a crevice this time. Your arsenal weapons can be quite useful or Aerial heart but watch out for his melee attacks and when he spews out purple sludge. Repeat until the fight ends and ta daaa you beat DMC2

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