It’s the stench of betrayal, the odor of that accursed Sparda! I will annihilate every last blood relation of Sparda!

Beowulf, Devil May Cry 3

Overall this is a short mission that requires some thinking.


Gears of MadnessEdit

After you activated the bridge, go to the other door. You'll face some Enigmas.

Before you enter the first door, there is a ledge at the left, jump onto it to obtain a Devil Star. Wall Hike and perform Sky Star towards it (You can also get there with air hike. Jump from the ledge out, air hike, then pull back immediately. You should land on the ledge easily). Now you will stand in an area where there is a red portal. That is the Secret Mission "Hang Ten". This secret mission is pretty easy, but a maxed out DT can be useful. Just run towards the Blue Orb Fragment and ignore enemies.

Go through the door on the lower level.

Altar of Evil PathwayEdit

After you completed the secret mission, you will enter a long corridor. There's a Blue Orb Fragment on the top of the door you just came in. Jump up onto the pipes to reach it. Kill all the Soul Eaters to unlock the door.

Altar of EvilEdit

You will then enter a room with statues lining up on the left and right of the room. Jump up to a side of the room and push a block of cube into a door for both sides. Now you need to kill the enemies in the room. There is a Hell Vanguard and more Soul Eaters.

After that there will be a door opening from one of the statues, this will lead you to the Temperance Wagon.

Temperance WagonEdit

There's an Agni & Rudra SS Rank Combat Adjudicator under the ladder. Push a statue that stands beside the wagon as far as it will go and stand on top of it for a hidden Red Orb cache. You've pushed it far enough when you attack it and it doesn't move any more. There's also a Holy Water and a Green Orb.

Ride the wagon. You will face a lot of enemies when you're riding the wagon so kill them. The enemies will jump from the second rail onto your car. Some enemies will stay on the second rail: You can target them with you guns by using the R3 button to change lock-on targets.

You will then arrive at the door to the Torture Chamber and a Divinity Statue.

Torture ChamberEdit

Walk inside to trigger a cutscene and a boss fight against Beowulf the Lightbeast.

Boss: Beowulf the LightbeastEdit


Beowulf the Lightbeast's attacks are short ranged so just keep rolling or dashing. However, be careful, as he DEALS HIGH DAMAGE if he lands a single hit on you - no matter on what mode

  • Beowulf Combo I: Instead of the finishing upward kick, he finishes the attack with a stomp. You could easily avoid this by Air Hiking, if you have it. Otherwise, side role, or aerial guarding this attack
  • Backhand: When you are standing behind Beowulf, he turns around quickly and strikes out with a backhand. Run, roll, or dash away to avoid this.
  • Pillar Drop: Beowulf will stomp to cause pillars to drop, and will then try to throw them at Dante. Run sideways, dodge roll, or dash to avoid them. If your timing is good, you can destroy them with helm breaker or aerial cross for Red or Green Orbs. Level 2 Swordmaster and Sword Pierce will also do this and if timed correctly can do significant damage to Beowulf as well.
  • Bull Rush: He will drop to all fours and run from one side of the battlefield to the other, attempting to trample Dante. He will change directions three or more times in one bout, each time targeting Dante. Side-rolling out of the way can be difficult, but jumping over him with Air Hike or Sky Star is generally safer.
  • Body Slam: Usually after a series of failed rush attacks, Beowulf will end by attempting to belly flop on top of Dante. Jumping over this attack can be difficult unless you have Air Hike and start jumping as soon as he does, but he may still catch you. Running underneath him is probably safer.
  • Feather Strike: The most difficult attack to evade. Beowulf will open his wings and shoot feathers at Dante. Just running away OR dodging isn't sufficient to avoid this: try running from the first few volleys and dodging the last one with a roll or jump. However the safest way to avoid that is to get behind him, but it only works if you are close enough.
  • Volcano: Beowulf slams his right fist into the ground, causing a light burst to erupt. Don't jump, as the burst also reaches into the air. Running, rolling or Dashing is by far the safest method.
  • Wings of Light: Beowulf says "I will kill you!", then spreads out his wings, creating a blasting sphere of light. Do anything to get away, but the most effective method is to jump away. Air Hike is a good solution. The first time Beowulf executes Wings of Light signifies that he had entered Berserk state.
  • Beowulf's breath: Very rarely if you stay in the air in front of him for some time he might attempt to use his breath to attack you. This attack is easily avoidable since it will damage you only if you remain directly in front of his head.

When Beowulf reaches about half health, he will go into a berserk state - which is represented by him shouting, "I will KILL YOU!!", and a white Devil Trigger like aura will surround him, damaging Dante or Vergil if he's close to him. All his attacks become stronger and faster, and he attacks more frequently.


First playthroughEdit

Beowulf is difficult to fight because he's not vulnerable for very long. Always blind Beowulf because his eye is sensitive and will double your damage done to him. Use an aerial attack on his right eye to stun him, but watch out for his counterattack. The safest place to be as he's flailing is just to the side of his left ankle. The best way to fight him is to chip away at his health with firearms when you can, and slash at his eye when he tries to use a Beowulf Combo on you. There's no particular Devil Arm to kill Beowulf faster, just use your best weapon. Prop Shredder will stagger him, if used directly after or during Beowulf combo I. Make sure you are stood directly in front of him when you do it though.

When he punches the stone cage toward you, you can use Sword Pierce and hit him back with the cage. This will do quite some damage and also drop a few green orbs.

Second playthroughEdit

The strategy is very similar to the first time. Kalina Ann is a good ranged weapon in this mission if you have it. If you're really good with Royal Guard, Aerial Guard as he preforms Beowulf Combo I. That way, you could gain more "Anger" orbs on the left of your Royal Guard Meter. When he use's Wings of Light, Devil Trigger Explosion and Just Release right next to him, to deal massive damage to him. This is helpful on Dante Must Die mode.

For VergilEdit

Use Yamato, since it bears the element of darkness, which counters Beowulf's element of light (this is signified by the dark aura generated by Yamato when it slashes Beowulf). Simply use Yamato Aerial Rave on his eye, then Trick Down to safely avoid his "flail" attack.