I had a chance to stop him before, but I couldn't. I'm responsible for all this mess.

Lady to Dante, Devil May Cry 3

This mission can help you get a lot (and I mean A LOT) of Red Orbs if you know where they are.


Lair of Judgement RuinsEdit

There's a Divinity Statue near you after you start the mission. Beowulf is near the place where Vergil fell and you have to take them and equip them at the Divinity Statue. Go to the left-most corridor and walk to the end of it. Double jump and you'll receive a hidden Red Orb cache. After that, break the Combat Adjudicator using Beowulf (Combo I - Beast Uppercut - Combo II - Hyper Fist - Killer Bee, repeat). Take the Blue Orb Fragment dropped by it and enter the room.

Underwater ElevatorEdit

Run around the lift in front of you and there's a Red Orb crystal behind it. After you've earned the orbs, take the aforementioned Devilsprout Lift to the next area.

Subterranean LakeEdit

It is possible to go all the way back to the Sunken Operahouse, but that's the incorrect direction. Instead, go across the pathway directly across from the elevator and enter the broken wall.

Top Obsidian PathEdit

Walk to the end of it, double jump to the wall to receive another hidden Red Orb cache, then go through the door.


Cross the Vestibule area and zone through the hole on your right.

Altar of EvilEdit

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Crack on the wall resemble "14", depicting mission's number.

The area will close off until you kill the Dullahans that appear. Enter the unsealed door in the corridor in one of the statues.

Temperance WagonEdit

Take the large Green Orb in the hidden area beside the Temperance Wagon, board the Wagon, and ride it to the other side. A Hell Vanguard will spawn, along with some other jailers, on the wagon ride. Once everything is dead, you'll arrive at the other side of the railroad. Use the Divinity Statue and enter the room to face a puzzle of multi-colored doors and rooms.

Hell's HighwayEdit

Head into the green room at the fork, and you must battle two separate sets of Damned Chessmen. Backtrack and go into the purple room to battle a set of Damned Knights, followed by another. Evade roll their ground pound attacks. Go into the green room to collect the Vital Star S. You must pay the price for grabbing it, however, as you must fight three Damned Knights and a few Damned Pawns. Walk into the red room to battle two Damned Knights and a Damned Bishop. Once they have been defeated, go into the purple room and go left through the doors. You must fight several Damned Knights and Bishops to obtain a Blue Orb Fragment. Exit through the last door in the room to finally get out of the puzzle.

If you get lost, just go to every room. Chances are you will battle a few Damned Chessmen and the fight in the last room holds a Blue Orb Fragment.

Subterranean GardenEdit

Now you are in the Subterranean Garden. Jump up onto the sign/pedestal to reveal ANOTHER hidden Red Orb cache. Take the small door in front of the Divinity Statue to find yourself in the familiar area of Subground Water Vein.

Subground Water VeinEdit

Run forward, and you'll see a bright white light column in one of the platforms. There are Enigmas here, but they do not need to be killed to proceed. Walk onto the light pillar and you'll be taken back to Love Planet (from Mission 3.)

Love PlanetEdit

Exit through the door that leads to the Devils Tower. You can backtrack into the Bullseye Bar to break stuff for some free orbs and health.

Bullseye Bar Edit

Once in the bar head back to Slum Avenue nº66 and keep running until you reach Dante's office to get a gold/yellow orb. Then go back to 13th Avenue.

13th Avenue: AftermathEdit

Collect the Red Orbs from the left-hand building. Grab a Holy Water from the last building on the right. There's another Red Orb cache on the top of the truck sticking out from the building where you collected the Holy Water. Run to the Temen-ni-gru to end the mission.