I know why you’re here. You’re here to ask me some questions. Well too bad. I’ve already answered them myself. I don’t need you anymore. Come on you poser.

Dante to Doppelganger, Devil May Cry 3

Walkthrough part 1Edit

Dark CorridorEdit

Kick jump the wall on the door's side when you start the mission to find a Vital Star S in a secret area in the wall (the place which had a secret mission before). After that, run down the corridor, taking the Red Orbs on the ledges above with you. Enter the hole beside the big door to face the Trial of Warrior again.

Trial of WarriorEdit

This fight is optional, but if you succeed, you'll gain a Gold/Yellow Orb in reward for beating those DT'ed enemies. Both of the damage wheels must be activated before the enemies will stagger. After the Hell Sloths and Hell Gluttonies are defeated, a Hell Vanguard will appear. This one is extra difficult, as it performs three teleporting attacks whenever it makes the gong sound. When you're finished, exit through the crack in the wall, and then enter the big door.

God-cube ChamberEdit

Smash the Red Orb Crystal in the room as well as an SSS-rank Combat Adjudicator using Beowulf for Dante or Force Edge for Vergil. Use the cubes to get to the door a level above the one which you came from.

Firestorm ChamberEdit

Kill the Hell Vanguard and Enigmas in the room and enter the door on the opposite side.

Azure GardenEdit

Use Divinity Statue if you need. Make sure to break all the barrels and weapons for orbs. Take stairs a little forward of the statue and take the Blue Orb Fragment in the big room where the elevator is. The elevator won't work, so retrace your steps back to the God-cube Chamber.

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Two pillars resemble "17", depicting mission's number.

God-cube ChamberEdit

Make your way to the highest door using the cubes but beware that you'll have to start over again from the ground if you fall. Enter the door.

Tri-sealed AntichamberEdit

Only a single staircase remains intact. Take it to continue. In the Special Edition, there's also a lightbeam in the room to teleport you to a fight with Jester.

Boss: JesterEdit

For a list of attacks and ways to defeat him refer to Mission 12.

Walkthrough part 2Edit

Tri-Sealed AntichamberEdit

Take the stairs which lead to the Trial of Wisdom room.

Trial of WisdomEdit

Dullahans and some Blood-goyles have conjured up here this time. Defeat them and enter any door.

Trial of SkillEdit

Face the Trial of Skill again but this time it's a little difficult than before. Anyhow the basic technique is the same as the last one. Enter the hole in the wall on the other side of the hall. Jump upon the red pod there to charge upwards to the next level. Enter the broken area in front of you.

Pitch-Black VoidEdit

Take left and collect the Red Orbs on the ledges above you. You can play a Secret Mission "On Pins and Needles" by examining the glowing statue on the middle beam. After getting the Blue Orb Fragment from the secret mission, drop down and enter the door at end of the stairs.

Skull SpireEdit

Defeat the enemies called Abyss here. You can use Cerberus to defeat them faster. They behave something like a Hell Envy crossed with a Hell Vanguard, so don't take them lightly. Enter the door at the other side.

Moonlit MileEdit

Nothing here will attack you, so use the Divinity Statue if you need to prepare for a boss fight. When you're ready, continue through the archway.

Dark-pact ChamberEdit

Here begins the fight with Doppelganger.

Boss: Doppelganger the DeathvoidEdit


  • Zodiac Umbra - The Doppelganger will fire a ball of darkness toward a lit reflector and deactivate it. This move is similiar to the Zodiac move of Dante.
  • Volcano Umbra - The Doppelganger will plunge his arm into the ground and a geyser of darkness will rise up from under Dante. This move is similar to the Volcano move of Dante, however, with a larger radius, and it could appear anywhere: unless Doppelganger is about to recover in the center of the battlefield
  • Dark Rebellion Combo I - The Doppelganger will swing at Dante twice with his sword. Dodge or roll away. Doppleganger will perform three strikes when low on health.
  • Dark Beast Uppercut - Similar to High Time, Doppelganger will rush in and attempt to knock Dante into the air. Dodge or roll away. This move is similiar to Beast Uppercut move of Dante.
  • Dark Stinger - The Doppelganger will and perform a thrust attack, much like Dante or Vergil's Stinger move. Jump or dodge to avoid it. It is noted that jumping is safer to avoid this
  • Shutter Silencer - Doppelganger will close all shutters, if the shutters are left open too long if you try to open all of them


To defeat Doppelganger, you have to shine light on him. The plates on the edge of the area emit light when they are hit certain times. On Normal mode, they take 3 to 4 hits to emit light. First check how many hits are required to illuminate a plate. Then stand by one, slash it one less than the required hits as to prepare it for brightening up the shadow with just one hit. Wait for a moment, and just when Doppelganger gets in the range after zipping towards you, shower him with the light from the plate slashing the last hit. He'll be vulnerable to your attacks for a handy period of time. Do it again and again till he is down. Of course you can also illuminate all the platforms at a time by continuously running around and hitting them but this strategy can be little difficult as Doppelganger tries to extinguish the lights you have brightened during the fight. When you are standing at the edges, he'll zip towards you and fist the ground to produce a vertical slash. This is your time to brighten up the poser and beat him. He'll shoot black balls at already illuminated lights to extinguish them. Keep him busy so he can't do this. If he does, you can deflect the balls back at him, but he'll also do the same and the balls will travel faster. The higher the difficulty, the more he deflects. The one who can't handle the balls' speed will take damage from them. However, if you didn't hit the balls in the first place they won't damage you. He will also conjure a black void at the place you are standing. Use Beowulf against him since he is weak to light based attacks.

Once you've taken him down, you unlock the Doppelganger style. Run forward to the top of the tower which is also the end of this mission.