The objective for this mission is to collect all of the 50 Red Orbs within 30 seconds.


It is in Mission 10 where you can find it at the right of the statue where you have obtained the Neo-Generator. It is portrayed as a white tombstone-like structure.



For first timers

The requirement for this mission is Air Raid. You really need it since all of the orbs are floating at a great height. There are also White Orbs in the air, so there is a little requirement for Devil Stars and maxed out DT slots, but you can still use them. So what you have to do is follow the trail of Red Orbs and make sure you don't get out of the track so that you will never consume much of your DT. Use the Devil Star when there are only 2 slots left glowing.

You need to have Nevan equipped. It's not good enough to just use Air Raid with a different weapon equipped and Nevan as secondary, which is possible.


For first timers

You need to DT for this mission, so you need DT slots and devil stars. Also, you need Dark Slayer Level 2. Start by following the red orbs in front of you. Jump onto the ledge at your right. When you land to that ledge, face the ledge, kick jump and perform Trick Up. Now pass the bridge and stand at the edge of the "cliff" at your right. Then, jump to the right to get two red orbs. When you miss the other orb, perform Trick Up.

For experienced fighters:

Use the Super Dante or Super Vergil mode and do the same. You just don't need devil stars and DT slots.