Secret Mission 09: Target Practice
DMC3 SM 09
Do not let a single enemy escape.
Characters Dante, Vergil
Location Mission 13
Demons Hell Wraths, Hell Prides, Hell Lusts
Secret Mission Navigation
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"SM08: Tough Guys" "SM10: Guiding Light'"

In this mission, you have to kill all of the enemies riding in a "wagon" before they escape.


This one can be found in a crystal puzzle in Vestibule in Mission 13. It's in the ledge at the left of the corridor, portrayed as a bull with red shining eyes.



Use Gunslinger style, with its maxed out Rapid Shot. If they are too fast, use Quicksilver.


Use a maxed out Summoned Swords and also a maxed out Spiral Swords. When you reach the last part, use Blistering Swords. You can also use Holy Water if it's hard for you.


  • You should skip this Secret Mission, then come back and play it in the Heaven or Hell Mode. Obviously, you should just shoot the Hell Wraths, as the explosions will immediately kill the Hell Lusts.

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