Secret Mission 10: Guiding Light
DMC3 SM 10
Solve the crystal puzzle.
Characters Dante, Vergil
Location Mission 16
Demons -
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"SM 09: Target Practice" "SM 11: On Pins and Needles"

In this mission, you only have to solve the puzzle, so you only need your own intelligence. All you have to do is to pass the light to the other statue just in that area. You don't have to pass it to the small corridor to the upper right corner.


This one is in the white panel to the right where you find the Golden Sun in Mission 16.


Puzzle 1Edit

  1. Break the second reflector below the statue that makes a beam of light.
  2. Go to the reflector above the statue. Break the reflector that is located at its upper left.

Puzzle 2Edit

  1. Break the reflector above the statue that makes a beam of light.
  2. Clear all of the reflectors in the middle column except for the one that faces down (B u).

Puzzle 3Edit

  1. Go to the first reflector being shun by the statue. Break the two reflectors above it.
  2. Go to the second reflector. Break the reflector at its left.

Puzzle 4Edit

  1. Break the reflector located at the rightmost part of the statue that makes a beam of light.
  2. Break all of the reflectors in the middle column except the two that faces left (B l). Leave the bottom reflector unbroken.

Puzzle 5Edit

  1. Break ALL of the reflectors in the first row (there are five of them).
  2. Go to the 3rd reflector. Break all of the reflectors being hit by the light of the 3rd reflector, except the one that faces upward (B u).

Puzzle 6Edit

  1. Go to the middle row and break all of the reflectors except the first one from the left that faces to the right (B r) and another one that faces upward (B u).
  2. Go to the middle column (yes, column) and break only the first and third reflector from the top (one that faces southeast and the other one that faces southwest: the second one).

If you think this walkthrough isn't that helpful, watch the puzzle closely to determine which reflector need to break OR go to this link: and search for the section "Secret Mission 10".


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