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This is a guide for finding items in Devil May Cry. For a guide to Blue Orb Fragments, see "Devil May Cry Blue Orb Fragment Locations."

Mission Item Where
1 Yellow Orb Turn to your left when you start the mission.
9 Devil Star After the beginning cutscene, it is behind the obelisk.
9 Yellow Orb After defeating the Blades, to the left of the door from which you entered.
9 Holy Water On the way back, follow the wall on Dante's left until it ends at a squat building-like thing that is locked from the other side. Jump on top of it.
9 Yellow Orb After the Boss fight with Griffin, defeat of Lesser Demons. Afterwards, continue on into another small outdoor area with headstones. This one is on top of an eave in one corner.
9 Devil Star Jump on top of the overhang in the courtyard, then jump over the wall behind it. Up here is a Red Orb fountain and another Devil Star, but you have to break the headstone to get to the Devil Star.
10 Holy Water

After killing the Kyklops, it is in a corner before going through the big gate.

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