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The Devil May Cry Wiki is a comprehensive database that anyone can contribute to. This wiki covers the whole Devil May Cry franchise originally created by Capcom, and currently rebooted by Ninja Theory.


  • As the reboot was released, this wiki now contains unmarked spoilers as well as occasional strong or suggestive language.
  • No fan-made images are allowed. For Devil May Cry fanfiction and fanart, visit our sister site at the Devil May Cry Fanon Wiki.

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Devil May Cry 3 Mission 4: The Uninvited One


Chamber of Echoes

This mission begins at the entrance of the Chamber of Echoes. Climb up as far as you can and collect all the Red Orbs. Move to Dante's right and up the stairs until you see where the floor is broken. Jump through and wall-jump to reach the side of the ramp with the blue door; enter it.


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    RYan Odin

    Thats a rumor I heard quite frequently the last time but whats next for the series?

    BEWARE: my first language is NOT english so I may not be grammatically correct and my punctuation is horrible I do know ithat and im really sorry about it.


    The mo…

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Dante after sealing Mundus, Devil May Cry

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