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Dmc2 action figures

Devil May Cry 2 action figures

Action figures of Devil May Cry characters have been released for fans to collect and enjoy.

Series 1Edit

Toycom produced a set of three-inch tall action figures based on the original Devil May Cry, which were released in May of 2003.[1] All figures come with interchangeable parts and interconnectable bases. Figures include blue, purple, green, and red Marionettes, two Dantes, Trish, and Nelo Angelo.

Series 2Edit

A set of six, three-inch tall action figures based on Devil May Cry 2. Figures come with interchangeable parts and are poseable. The series includes two Msira demons, two Dantes, Lucia, and Trish.

Revoltech Series 003Edit

Revoltech Devil May Cry 3 Dante Figure dan008

Revoltech released a 15cm tall Devil May Cry 3 Dante action figure. The figure is fully poseable, and comes with a swappable head, and accessories Rebellion, Nevan, Shotgun, and Ebony & Ivory.

Play Arts Kai seriesEdit

On October 5th, 2012, Squre-Enix released a set of Devil May Cry action figures for its Play Arts series in Japan.[2] The set includes: Devil May Cry 3 Dante with Ebony & Ivory, Rebellion, and Nevan, which itself can transform from guitar to scythe form. and Devil May Cry 3 Vergil with Yamato and Force Edge. The figures stand approximately ten inches tall each and are fully articulated.

Play Arts also produced a Devil May Cry 4 set of Nero with Blue Rose and Red Queen, and Dante with Rebellion and Ebony & Ivory. The Devil May Cry 4 figures have been discontinued.[citation needed]