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Well well, what do we have here? Nature calls? It's in the back.

Dante to Trish, Devil May Cry

This is the first mission of Devil May Cry. Before we get started, we're treated to a cutscene of Dante in his office. Watch as Trish walks in and throws everything but the kitchen sink at him!


Run up the stone path after all the cut-scenes. Grab the Yellow Orb nearby. Jump into the walkway over the path and go into the gazebo-looking thing for a Blue Orb Fragment. At the end of the path is a hole in the wall. Go through it! Once you do, the hole closes, trapping you inside.

This is the main entrance. There is a statue of a knight on a horse, a large flight of stairs, and a giant monument of Mundus. There is also a Divinity Statue, but for now, it is inactive. To continue, you must collect 45 Red Orbs that are scattered throughout the entire room. There is also another Blue Orb fragment here, in the alcove on the left. The stairs to this part of the room are broken, so you'll have to experiment with Wall Hike. Jump off of the wall and try to jump towards the statue of Mundus to get onto the ledge. Then, run towards the statue and collect your fragment.

There are orbs scattered everywhere; make sure to pick up every one. Practice your jumping ability while doing so. There is a Red Orb cache on top of the knight statue. If you can jump onto the spear, you will get it. This one is tricky, but is well worth it. The easiest way to get the cache is to jump onto the horse's backside from behind, then jump onto its head. Turn and face the halberd that the knight is holding, then kick jump off of the blade. If you're careful to not over-tilt the analog stick on the second jump, you should be able to land right on the very top. Wait there and collect all the pretty orbs that drop like confetti!

Once you have collected 45 Red Orbs, run to the door with those skeleton faces. Pay them 45 Red Orbs and then the door will open. Go through the door.

A gate is nearby - the exit to this damn castle. Unfortunately, the gate is lowered and Dante will need an item to open it. Nearby are knight statues. Slash them to liberate another Blue Orb fragment. Whenever you see tables, knight statues or other things that seem to stand out from the background, slash them. They usually contain Red Orbs. Some may even reveal some useful weapons!

Head through the next set of doors. In this room, climb the staircase. In the room at the top, head through the hole in the ceiling and check the oversized puppet for a Rusty Key. Try to walk away with it, and the puppet will attack! More Marionettes will spawn, so slash them up with your Force Edge. Remember to break every chair, table, armor, and candlestick that you can. Down the staircase, go to a room that is blue, on the second floor. Look in the water on the left for a Blue Orb Fragment. This is all that's in there for now, so go back out to the stairs.

Travel back to the Main Hall. There, use the Rusty Key to unlock the blue doors and pass through them. Dante is now in a room with a biplane. Jump up onto it to find another Blue Orb Fragment on the wing. Stand on the engine for a Red Orb cache as well. The red doors nearby are locked, but slash some barrels up for more orbs. Look in the corner for some round shield and slash it with your sword. Once all the rune symbols are fully lit, it will activate an elevator beneath Dante and take him into a square room below.

In this arena, destroy all the Marionettes. Legions of them will attack Dante, but they will pose little threat once you master your combat techniques. Once they are all dead, ride the elevator back up to the airplane room. Back there, kill the now-live Marionettes. This shouldn't be difficult. After they all die, the red doors nearby unlock.

If the tense music stops but the door is still locked, there is a Marionette somewhere in the room that is alive. Find it and kill it. Head through the red doors to end the first mission!