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This is the second mission of Devil May Cry.


Well, we must play the mission through now. Head right from the door you are at. The door Dante is in front of leads back to the room with the plane. If you need supplies, head to the small door to the left.

Inside, access the Divinity Statue and spend some Red Orbs for Vital Stars and Yellow Orbs. These are needed throughout the game to survive this Mallet Island nightmare. Whenever you see those Statue of Times, purchase supplies! You can purchase strategies for future weapons when you get those weapons. Items are important. You cannot survive without them and there is a blue orb fragment hidden in table.

Outside in the Long Hallway, head passed the double doors all the way down the hall, killing any monsters that get in your way. At this point, killing monsters is needed to gather Red Orbs. At the end is a Sword stuck into some type of wall. Grab it and Dante can now use Devil Trigger and his new Alastor! The Alastor is stronger than the Force Edge, so this is great. The wall where the Alastor was changes, and that is the goal of the mission now. Note that you only need to grab Alastor the first time you play through a file. When you replay a cleared game, Dante will start off with Alastor in his possession.

Enter the nearby double doors from where you got the Alastor. In this Library, slash up any tables you may see. One of the tables on the second floor hides a Shotgun. That Shotgun is an important weapon! Replace the pistols with the Shotgun immediately. The Shotgun is much more useful for most of the game. The Dual Handguns will only be used occasionally for some parts of the game.


Examine the painting across from the table where you got the shotgun for a Rusty Key. Take it to the double doors halfway through the Long Hall and unlock them. In the Fountain Room, kill every monster. The Shotgun will be a very good weapon to use. The Blue Force Field blocks some tiger statue, so look for the stairs and jump your way across several platforms. A door at the end is your destination, so head through the doors.

  • Note: There is a Red Orb cache on top of the fountain.

In the Tomb Room, kill all the monsters. The door you just came through is now locked and the hand that protrudes from it can hurt you. Kill all the monsters in this room and examine the coffin halfway through the room.

Slash at it and it should push back. Climb down the newly revealed ladder. Grab the shining object- the Staff of Judgement! A portion of the room will spin, making the exit to this weird room. Head through and you are in the library again, where you got the Shotgun. Try to exit back to the Long Hall and three Sin Scissors will attack you.

The most efficient way to kill them is to jump and slash at them with the Alastor and then shoot them with the Shotgun. This is the quickest way to kill them, because their scissors (as their name suggests) can be very damaging. After they are all dead, travel back to the Long Hallway.

Go to where you took the Alastor and examine the skeleton door. Use the Staff of Judgement to unlock the door. Enter and you are in the Cathedral, from this point, the mission ends.