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Mission 06: Evil of the Waterways
DMC Mission 06
Defeat the evil guardian and acquire the "Guiding Light".
Characters Dante
Lesser Demons (1) Beelzebub
Bosses Death Scissors
Items Blue Orb Fragment
Key Items Rusty Key, Guiding Light
Mission Navigation
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"Mission 05: Guiding of the Soul" "Mission 07: Holding the Key of Ardor"

This is the sixth mission of the game, Devil May Cry.


Prepare for yet another Boss fight! From the door, head right. There is an area of broken wall on the left at the dead end. Run into it for a Blue Orb Fragment. (You may need to jump to get it to fall.) Afterwards, turn around and run down the hallway. Head to the nearest door you see to Dante's right. Inside the little hole with a shining object, grab yet another Rusty Key.

Little bugs called Beelzebub will then attack Dante. The Shotgun will take care of these annoying runts. Exit and Beezlebub will be in the hall.

Enter the hall across, collect several items and break the Orb Vase. If you're trying for the S-grade, you will need to break every Orb Vase you find.

Use the Rusty Key to unlock the door at the end of the large room (not in the tunnel where the Orb Vase was). Travel through this lit hallway and kill the Death Scissor.

Boss: Death ScissorEdit

The Death Scissors is a nasty boss since it erects a forcefield that restricts Dante's movements. You can try Vortex, but it's better to use Devil Trigger only to increase Dante's damage, and to do some minor healing (impossible on DMD). Using High Time and slash jumps, you can use Alastor to rack up the damage on the monster. Using air raid is effective. When its head is red and flaming, it will charge with its scissors and Dante's best way to avoid the attacks is to jump around like a wild man inside the spectral cage.

The Shotgun does minute damage to the Death Scissor, but it can knock away the scissor to allow Dante to attack it. The best way to deal with this thing on a replay is to use Ifrit's Inferno. Defeat it to gain access to the small altar at the end of the sewer tunnel.

On the altar is the Guiding Light. Once you collect it and the mission ends!

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