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Phantom to Dante, Devil May Cry

This is the eighth mission of Devil May Cry.

Walkthrough Part 1Edit

You appear on a narrow platform above the Main Hall from the beginning of the game. If you want to spend time earning Red Orbs and buying new skills, you should do it now since there is another Boss fight coming up.

More importantly, there is no mission timer (like in the first part of the game outside the castle), so you can spend as much time you want fighting for red orbs and buying skills and items. You can still save by pressing Select and using the save function there.

However, to continue with the mission, you need to jump across another platform to get to a new door. There is a Divinity Statue here, so you can purchase supplies there. Head through the mouth-like door. Phantom will battle you again. The strategies are basically the same.

Boss: PhantomEdit

If you are on a low difficulty, the fight is a piece of cake compared to your previous encounters with him. Instead of the battle taking place in a small room or a tight hallway, it's an ol' fashioned circle not unlike a certain pivotal battle of brothers. You can just attack him repeatedly until he dies since his attacks are much less frequent and he flinches when you hit him almost just after the middle of the 2nd combo. If you want a high style rank, just experiment freely as you won't get punished. So you can basically put the hurt on him while keeping an S rank and having high health (don't take evasive maneuvers unless you want perfect health). Seems too good to be true, right? Well, Phantom gets more aggresive to a point where it is reminescent of the first battle, and you may be mildly whaled on. If you ever find yourself in that state (Or just feel like it), just activate your devil trigger, activate some healing power and pour EVEN MORE damage to his fountain of pain. But if you are playing on harder difficulties (especially DMD mode), you should follow the below guide.

The method for attacking Phantom has not changed from the first time you met him. Use Alastor and the Shotgun to attack him. If you have it later, you can even try the Grenade Gun and Ifrit's Inferno. Don't forget his attacks, and you need to know them and when to expect them to win.

His primary attack is a sweep with his leg/pincer. He will do this if you are near, so just expect it. He will put his head into the ground, and 4-6 lava geysers will erupt. Just keep walking or running to avoid them. His signature move is his fireball, which he will charge in a white hot orb in his mouth, then release momentarily. Just roll out of its way.

If you are feeling lucky, and are at some distance, you can reflect it with Alastor. Don't try to jump over it, as he will aim it and hit you. If you are on his back, he will try to use his scorpion stinger on you. It's not to hard to avoid. The last attack is his jump. He will jump at you, and land where you were. A good tactic is to jump and keep hitting triangle so as to jump off of him while he's in the air. Then you will land on him, and it's all good.

If you think you can manage it, you can lure Phantom into landing on the circular glass plate in the center of the arena. Five landings will cause Phantom to fall to its death, although it is another question if you can survive that long to get him to do that.

Walkthrough Part 2Edit

With Phantom dead, go through the gate and lower Dante onto the roof area. Don't miss the nearby Trident before leaving the roof or you will have to work your way back up to this area.

There is a hole leading to a mechanism room. Near the hole to the right is a statue. If you stand on it red orbs will spawn. Also if you stand on the left horses head, red orbs will spawn also. Double jump on the wall to obtain the blue orb that you can clearly see. Jump down and smash the lever to open a previously locked door. Before leaving the mechanism room, grab the Grenade Gun from the skeleton. Take the ladder down and you are in that Blue Room from Mission 1. Go to the face and use the Trident. 

Now run back to the Gate Room you saw at Mission 1, just past the Main Hall. The Gate will lower slowly, so ignore all the enemies you see. Once you pass the gate, head outside and cross the drawbridge.