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Dante to Griffon, Devil May Cry

Dante finally gets out of the mansion.

Walkthrough Part 1Edit

You will start out outside the mansion. Walk towards the camera. A cutscene will trigger after you step off the drawbridge, during which the bridge will be raised, preventing your return. Keep going forward. Just behind the short obelisk in the middle of the path is a Devil Star. You can't see it from this camera angle, but you may catch a glimpse of it on your way past. At the foot of the staircase you exited the drawbridge from; on the left will be a headstone like object that has a riddle on it when examined that tells you of hidden red orbs. To obtain these hidden orbs you must wall jump on top of the three stone pillars in this small area that are flat on the top. Successfully landing on top of each pillar will reward with a hidden cache of red orbs. Beyond the obelisk, you will find a long spiral staircase leading down to the Garden. At the bottom, go through the door and you'll be introduced to some new friends to play with: Blades. Once they're dead, pick up the Yellow Orb to the left of the door you entered from. Then go to the right of the door to find a pathway that leads up. Follow it to the top, where there will be a headstone that reads "This is where blue light is sealed." Smack it a few times to push it back and reveal a Blue Orb Fragment.

On the way back, follow the wall on Dante's left until it ends at a squat building-like thing that is locked from the other side. Jump on top of it to find a Holy Water. You can explore the place longer and collect some red orbs, but all the other doors are locked. Across the courtyard from the locked building is another locked door, with the inscription, "A pair of flames that dwell with strength will open the path." Just next to the flame door is another alcove. There is a red orb conveniently placed in the doorway so you can easily find it. Run inside and you will be presented with yet another locked door depicting two knights lacking lances. The only way you can go is through the large gate with blue lights leading up to it.

Through the gate is a several-story open space. Jump to the top story on the left-hand side to collect a Devil Star, and on the top story of the right-hand side is a yellow orb. While on the top level, run around until you find a Blue Device and smack it to activate some levitating platforms. Jump around on them to get to the small floating island where Ifrit resides. Pick it up, watch the cutscene, and jump down to spawn some Marionettes. Practice your kung-fu on them and then leave through the way you came.

When Dante steps back into the courtyard, he will encounter Griffon.

Boss: GriffonEdit

This boss fights mainly from a distance, so much of your damage will have to come from your firearms. The key to surviving is learning his attacks and dodging them, while getting a few potshots in between them.


In addition to the following, unofficially named attacks, touching Griffon's feet at any time while they are glowing red will cause damage. Avoid getting underfoot when he's on the ground.

  • Air Raid - Griffon will fly overhead and drop lighting spheres down. Dodge this by running away from his shadow or getting above him.
  • Lighting Scissor - Griffon drops a ball that produces two lines of electricity to either side, which will then close in on Dante like a scissor. Jump to avoid it when it's on the ground, or say on the ground to avoid it when it's in the air. This attack has some measure of tracking, as it will change its angle to whatever height Dante is currently at.
    • Super Lightning Scissor - the ball will spawn up to 4 lines of electricity, all of which snap shut around Dante's location. This is used primarily after a scream attack.
  • Power Dive - Griffon will dive out of the air and attempt to land on Dante. Run or roll away.
  • Scream - When on the ground, Griffon will lower its head and scream, sending a horizontal band of energy towards Dante. Jump over it. This attack is always signalled by an audio cue as well as a wall of dust that hits Dante just before the lighting band. The dust can make the lightning difficult to see.
  • Charge - When on the ground, Griffon will charge at Dante and attempt to peck him. Run or roll away to avoid it.


As with any boss, keep moving! Staying in one place is suicide. The Grenade Gun is good here because of its power, but it has its drawbacks. For starters, Griffon is a moving target, and you will find yourself missing a lot. Second, the gun has a hefty bit of recoil, which can cause you to get zapped if you shoot at the wrong time. Your next best option is Ebony & Ivory, but they are incredibly weak by comparison. Don't use the Shotgun, as Griffon will be too far away for it to be effective.

For moments when you can get close, Ifrit is recommended for its aerial kick attack. Alastor can be used, but it puts you dangerously close to Griffon's feet, and its Helmbreaker attack can't be used from as far away as Ifrit.

Throughout the fight, red floating energy platforms will appear for you to jump on to get some height. They will disintegrate if Griffon or one of his attacks hits them. They're not necessary to use, and all of Griffon's lightning attacks can still track and hit you when you're on them, but they do give you some more mobility. Jumping on them can bring you above Griffon so you can use an aerial kick from Ifrit without fear of running into his feet.

Aim for the gaping hole in his chest whenever possible, as a shot there inflicts more damage. This weak spot is most exposed when he is in the air. If you can time your shots right, release a grenade round right as he rears back to spit out a lightning ball. Being on top of a floating platform will give you the best angle for this.

Walkthrough Part 2Edit

Once Griffon flies away in shame, purple lights on the ground will direct you to the door with the single lit flame. Punch the unlit alcove with Ifrit to light it and open the door.

Here you'll find yourself in a forest of some kind. There is a red orb cache above the broken tree trunk in the middle of the space: Jumping over it should be enough to find it. Press onward until you reach a door to your left. Try to go through it, and you'll trigger a cutscene. The door seals and some Marionettes approach Dante, closely followed by a fire-belching Fetish. Kill everything to unseal the door, and proceed through it into a little access tunnel. There's a Divinity Statue at the square room where the tunnel takes a turn, if you want to buy stuff.

Afterwards, continue on into another small outdoor area with headstones. More Fetishes will spawn. Kill them all. On top of an eave in one corner is another Yellow Orb for you to collect. Opposite that eave is another overhang. Jump on top of this one, then jump over the wall behind it. Up here is a Red Orb fountain and another Devil Star, but you have to break the headstone to get to the devil star.

Once you've collected everything, pay 200 Red Orbs to the Sealed Door and walk through it to end the mission.