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Valley of the Mist. One must choose the right path to enter the lost land. Only those who protect the weak light shall have the power (to) decipher the right path

—Riddle, Devil May Cry


Walk forward to trigger the enemies to get up and attack you. Kill them all, and then examine the tombstone thing at the fork in the road. A little white light will spawn and lead you down one path or the other: Follow it. In the next area, it will float into one of the enemies. You must kill everything for it to reappear. Examine the tombstone thing a second time to discover a Red Orb cache. The light will once again travel down one path, and you have to follow it again. For the third and final time, the enemies will be Blades. Kill them and follow the light.

The next area has two Kyklops that need killing. They won't start to attack you unless you approach them, so be aware of where you're moving and try not to activate both at the same time. Make sure to grab the Holy Water in one corner before going through the big gate to end the mission.