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Mission 11: ''Fate''
DMC Mission 11
Offer the "chalice" and open the path.
Characters Dante
Secret Missions A Bunch of Ghosts
Lesser Demons (1) Sin Scissors & Scythes, Blade
Bosses Nelo Angelo
Items Devil Star, Blue Orb Fragment x2
Key Items Sign of Chastity, Chalice
Mission Navigation
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"Mission 10: Canyon of Mist" "Mission 12: Ghost Ship"

Let's start this off with a bang!

Walkthrough Part 1Edit

As soon as the mission starts, you will be besieged by Sins. Kill them all to make a floating platform appear. You can jump on the platform to travel around the space and collect some red orbs hanging in mid-air. You may have to jump off to reach some of them. Before proceeding further, you should take a few minutes to gather the goodies scattered around the room. You can also attempt secret mission 6 by returning through the door you entered from.

There's a Devil Star on a platform above the well. Wall Hike to reach the second ledge, then wall hike again to get to the third tier. From there, jump to the floating platform to get the Devil Star.

On the left-hand side of where you came in, (if you're facing the platform that appeared after you killed the Sins,) there is a Blue Orb Fragment hiding in a greenhouse-type hall. You will have to double jump onto a second level, then jump over the wall into the greenhouse. From there, walk towards the far side of the room and towards the blue orb fragment on the pedestal.

When you're ready to continue, jump down the well. You will immediately be attacked by Blades. Take them out, then proceed further. Past the center circular room is a Divinity Statue. On the wall to its left is a crack: hit it several times with your weapon to break the wall. As soon as you step through, more Blades will confront you. Kill them, and jump all the way up. You'll be in the rectangular greenhouse on the opposite side of the one with the Blue Orb Fragment. Walk to the far end and pick up the Sign of Chastity.

When you jump back down, there will be more Blades to beat up. Kill them all and continue on. A random Blue Orb Fragment will appear, too, in the round room. Jump back up into the main area.

Key item in hand, head through the door that's directly across from the floating platform that appeared after you killed the Sins. Here, you have to jump down to the middle floor. You'll be on the top floor, so just a little jump ought to do it. In a center dias is a place for the Sign of Chastity. Examine it to use the key item and obtain the Chalice. The room will then go into lock down; brick walls will rise up to cover the doors, and the boss fight will begin.

Boss: Nelo AngeloEdit

Nelo Angelo appears again to challenge Dante. Use the same strategy as in Mission 4 to beat him. Just dodge his attacks, and attack from behind.

Walkthrough Part 2Edit

After defeating Nelo Angelo, get up to the third floor again and long jump to the far end, where there will be a little cave with a statue of a knight. Use the Chalice to open the door and proceed through to end the mission.


Devil May Cry 1 - Mission 11 - Green House Guardian14:22

Devil May Cry 1 - Mission 11 - Green House Guardian


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