Darksoul I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with liiiiiiiiiiight!

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I am the ship that carries the wandering souls on the brink of the Underworld. Protect the ship and you shall be given the Fire of Saint Elmo

—Riddle, Devil May Cry


Travel down the stairs and kill some Marionettes on your way to the underground cave. Make sure to break the Red Orb Fountain in the corner to your left before jumping into the water. As soon as you dive in, the underwater controls take effect. There are some floating Red Orbs here to show you the path. Follow them like little demonic bread crumbs into the ship. Dodge the Blade in the water as you collect the last few orbs, and then swim to the surface to jump out of the water.

There's nothing in the storage hold of the old ship, so walk up to the next floor. Kill the Blades here, then pick up the Needlegun, the only weapon that works under water, by the stairs. Immediately behind the Needlegun is a Devil Star. Now that you're armed when underwater, you can go back and take out that Blade in the water for some extra orbs. Also in this room, after you kill the blade there is a dusk of barrels right next to where you entered the ship at that has an untouchable hidden in it. You can also go down the stairs next to where you picked up the Needlegun to kill another Blade and shoot some boxes, all of which will net you some more red orbs.

When you've killed and collected everything, head upstairs all the way. Once on the deck of the ship, take a minute to collect the orbs and goodies scattered around. There are some at the far ends of masts posts. You'll have to jump up several flights of ladders, then run out to the farthest edges. There's also a Blue Orb Fragment hiding at the tip of the prow. You can easily get it by performing a Stinger off of the crow's nest of the farthest mast. To proceed, check the door with the two swords crossed over it and a Death Scythe will spawn. Kill it, and the ship will come to life and start to move.

After the cutscene, the doors to the captain's room will unlock. Before you can enter, though, you're confronted by an old friend.

Boss: GriffonEdit

The same basic strategy applies here as before, in Mission 9, only you have a LOT less space to maneuver. And Griffon is constantly moving now that your ship is, too. Take advantage of the vertical space you have with the masts and jump like your life depends on it! (Because it does.)

Also helps a lot to climb to the mast and from there use the grenade luncher.


Griffon brings more tricks than when you first met him. For one, he never lands; you're going to have to do all the damage with your guns. In addition, his old attacks are beefier.

  • Scream - This now throws two horizontal bolts at you.
  • Lightning scissors - Same as before. Griffon coughs up a ball of lightning that will track Dante with a scissor-like action.
  • Bird-a-rang - The most indirect way of damaging Dante possible. Griffon spits out a "lightning bird" that attaches to Dante via some kind of electrical tether, then it will boomerang or yo-yo back and forth. If you don't jump or dodge when it comes back to Dante, it will lift you to the topmost sail of the nearest mast and slam you down, dealing damage and bringing you up to Griffon's level. Sometimes the bird just outright hurts you when it hits. Dodge this by timing your jumps. Activating Devil Trigger can also help you avoid taking damage.

After you've driven Griffon off again, examine the captain's door to end the mission.