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Before this mission actually starts, there are several things for you to do. First off, turn around and swim all the way back to the Captain's Room. Examine his skeleton to flag Secret Mission 7. After that, in the final room of the boat, there is an untouchable hidden in a chest just left of the hole in the side of the boat. Then, go to the surface and jump out of the water. Run towards the ship's mast, which is sticking out of a separate pool of water. Jump in, and swim forwards a bit to collect another Blue Orb Fragment. After that, start running away from the ship to a corridor. Kill the Marionettes, and examine the open treasure chest just to the left of the doorway to get a Holy Water.

Walk to the top of the stairs and examine the door to start the mission.


Diagonal to the door you entered from is a hall. Go through it and run all the way around. Take note of the door on the right hand side that is blocked by iron bars. You'll need to come back here. Continue all the way to the end, then start running counter-clockwise around the area again. All the way at the end will be a skeleton impaled on some spikes in the wall. Take the Emblem Shield it's holding and select "yes" when it asks you to turn the lever. This will lower the iron bars to that door you saw earlier, and will activate the booby trap.

The floor will move, carrying you towards the wall of spikes, and spears will thrust out of the holes in the floor to impale you as well. You have to run clockwise to get back to the hall, dodging the spears as you go. You can see where they sprout and dodge them by avoiding those areas, but you might also have to jump over some. Activating Devil Trigger will help you run faster. Go through the doorway that had been blocked and step on the platform to go to the next level.

You'll pop out in a water-logged clearing surrounded by cliffs with a waterfall behind you. Beneath the falls is another Holy Water. There is a Divinity Statue here for you if you need it. Also there is a Blue Orb Fragment at the platform to the left from the cave (where you go to the next area). It's better to have Air Hike,  to get there. From that platform you can manage to jump to the roof of the lift cabin (you can see a red orb on the top of it). To get there you need to have Air Hike. When you are on the roof, you can jump to the platform, which is to the left from the waterfall. From that platform, you can get to the top of the waterfall, and get a Yellow Orb. When you're finished, run towards the camera to find the way to the next area.

This place is a rather large cliff area with Blades. Jumping all the way to the bottom will give you more room to manoeuvre, and get you closer to the exit, but there are some more goodies to grab before you go.

The tunnel about halfway down the side will take you to a vertical well-like area. Wall or Air Hike to the top. Go through the opening and across the bridge to a Red Orb Fountain on the left. Destroy it, then go to the right of the bridge and jump onto the ledge to grab a Blue Orb Fragment. Jump off to get back to the base of the area and go to the left, through the tunnel.

Jump off the ledge and spend 200 Red Orbs to unlock the Sealed Door. Going through will take you to another courtyard area with Marionettes and Fetishes. Kill them, grab the Devil Star on top of the awning-thing across from the stairs. Just before the stairs is another overhang, marked by a cross, that you can jump on top of. Jump on there, then jump up another level to get to a narrow path. Follow this towards the door to uncover a hidden Red Orb cache. Jump down again, go up the stairs, and spend another 100 Red Orbs to open the seal here.

Through the seal, the hall makes an immediate right turn to a doughnut-shaped room with large Red Orbs just sitting there. Snatch them up and examine the double doors at the far end to both unlock them and end the mission.