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A man with guts and honor. I like that! But it's a shame you serve Mundus.

Dante to Nelo Angelo, Devil May Cry

Prepare for your "final" battle with Nelo Angelo!

As you start the mission, you can attempt Secret Mission 11. Stand on the portal thing to return to the Broken Bridge and jump to the other side of the bridge to start it. DON'T fall down, or it won't trigger! You only get one shot at this; so restart from your save if you goof up.


Start by smashing everything in the guard's room, then run up the spiral staircase. Halfway up is another room. Enter, smash everything, and kill the Marionette. Continue to the top and through to the next room. Smash the chair for laughs and walk forward to trigger one of the mirrors to activate. Jump through it, and then walk forward and inspect the yellow door.

A cutscene ensues and introduces you to Frosts. As soon as it is over, or even earlier if possible, jump for your life! These things get a cheap shot in early. They are stronger than Blades, and aren't staggered as easily. The best way to defeat them is with Ifrit and Devil Trigger.

After the Frosts are dealt with, enter the yellow door. Travel up the hallway, dealing with the Marionettes and Fetishes along the way. Halfway up the hallway is a side hall, but you can skip it for now since you'll be coming back this way shortly.

At the far end is a left-hand turn, and some tables to smash. Again on the left hand side is a door. Enter it and walk forwards, and the camera angle will switch to show what's in front of Dante. Surprise! It's a dinosaur skeleton that belches fireballs!

Defeating this is super simple. The room won't let you get close enough to smack it, so you have to reflect its fireballs back at it. Time your sword swings correctly, and after a few direct hits it will disintegrate. The fireballs themselves deal pathetic damage on regular mode, so you should have plenty of time to get your timing right.

When it's dead, a mechanism will pop up out of the floor. Approach the crank on the wall and examine it to grab hold. Start rotating the left analog stick in a circular fasion, clockwise or counterclockwise, it doesn't matter, to turn the light beam towards the center of the room. It will automatically stop when you've positioned it correctly. This will trigger the key item to appear.

Then, enter the large room and wall hike up the wall to Dante's right. Jump from here to the top of the first set of pillars in the room. Wait for lightning to strike, and it will illuminate some "hidden" platforms. Jump onto them. It may take some practice to get it right, but simply jump from one "invisible" floating platform to the next until you get to the far end. Pick up the Quicksilver from the center pedestal, then go to Dante's right and jump/ wall hike to collect another Blue Orb Fragment.

Return to the hallway and run back to the branch in the path halfway down, killing Marionettes and Fetishes along the way. Take the branching path (smash stuff) and examine the door. Use the Quicksilver and zone through the door into a throne room of sorts. Walk forward to trigger a cutscene.

Boss: Nelo AngeloEdit

He's ba-ack! And this time, the gloves are off! Try to keep to the same strategy of avoiding and attacking his back. Use whichever weapon you feel most comfortable with.


All his old tricks are back, plus some new ones, most noticeably the ability to summon swords. Also, his hits are more powerful, so even an average blow deals more damage than previous encounters.

  • Fireball - Nelo Angelo will fire blasts of blue energy at you after a short warm-up. These can be dodged with a well-timed roll or jump. Nelo Angelo is vulnerable to attack while charging this.
  • Combo attack - He will teleport and strike at Dante several times. Roll and jump to dodge.
  • Summon Swords - Nelo will teleport to one side of the arena and float high above the ground, then summon a ring of swords around Dante.
    • Vertical Swords 1 - A ring of swords will appear over Dante's head, facing down. They will fall straight down, missing Dante unless he moves. Jump straight up, anyway, because you can't tell this pattern apart from pattern 2.
    • Vertical Swords 2 - A ring of swords exactly like variant 1 will appear, but will fall at an angle, and hit Dante unless he moves. Jumping straight up should avoid them.
    • Horizontal Swords - A ring of swords appear around Dante horizontally and streak at him. Jump and roll to avoid them.
  • Swords with Combo - Nelo Angelo will summon swords to rotate around him while he attacks Dante with his weapon. This is highly damaging if you get caught by his combo and the spinning swords. Run away. Use Air Raid if you get backed into a corner. Rolling or jumping can still result in being stunned by the summoned swords, which will get you hit by his combo and the other summoned swords.


Focus on dodging and attacking him from behind, just like before. He will teleport before most attacks, so be prepared to jump and dodge when he does, and attack him from behind.

Of note, if you have bought rolling blaze, it can break Nelo Angelo's summoned swords. Not all of them in one jump, but enough to provide you some much needed space.

Additionally, the Inferno attack does a decent amount of damage on hard and lower difficulties, IF you can hit him.

Defeat Nelo Angelo to obtain the other half of the Perfect Amulet! Watch the cutscene about Mundus and Trish as well. Afterwards, the mission ends.