Darksoul I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with liiiiiiiiiiight!

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I should have saved you. I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with liiiiiiiiiiight!

Dante to Trish, Devil May Cry

Mission 22: Legendary Battle
DMC Mission 22
Characters Dante
Bosses Mundus
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"Mission 21: Living Cave" "Mission 23: Mother's Guide"


The bright, clean room you're in certainly doesn't look evil. But, looks can be deceiving. Walk forwards to trigger a cutscene where Mundus tries to use Trish and Dante's feelings for her to defeat him, but it doesn't work. Enraged, Dante awakens the true power of Sparda as Mundus drags him into a void-like space.

Boss: Mundus (First Form)Edit

This fight is so epic, it cannot be contained within normal space. Dante will be in Devil Trigger as Sparda the whole time while he flies after Mundus in a rail shooter-style encounter.


Mundus has a variety of attacks, all of which involve shooting things at you. They can be dodged by moving about the screen and never staying still. His major attack is a beam that takes up most of the screen. When he starts charging this, he'll back away from you and move his arms in an exaggerated manner. Dodge as far as you can to the opposite side of the screen to avoid this.


The object is to destroy Mundus, of course. To do that, you have to shoot fireballs at him with your ranged attack. Mundus will have floating balls that will act as a sort of shield; destroy them and he will take more damage from your attacks. When you generate three or more DT Runes, hit your Devil Trigger to sic a dragon on the fallen angel.

Boss: Mundus (Second Form)Edit

Mundus will fall into a pit of Lava with floating rocks around him for you to stand on. The only way to reach him is with your firearms or Devil Trigger, as it extends the reach of Sparda.


  • Fireballs - Mundus calls a series of meteors down from the sky. Roll or run away from them.
  • Beams - He shoots lasers of various kinds. Run or roll away.
  • Dragon - Mundus summons a dragon from the lava that breathes fire at Dante. Run out of its range to avoid its attacks. It is best to use an extended Sparda using Devil Trigger to kill it. It drops a Green Orb if it is killed.
  • Lava Pillars - Much like Phantom's "Calling Dead Souls" attack, Mundus will summon pillars of lava from the ground. Run away to avoid them.


If you fall into the lava, you will get burned, so stay on the platforms. When Mundus summons his floating orbs, you can destroy them to fill your DT Gauge. Also, stay off the floating platforms unless you plan to dodge in with Sparda, because it's a lot harder to dodge his attacks from there. You can still damage Mundus with your ranged weapons from solid ground, but the floating platforms become mini-shields for Mundus. It's a good idea to damage him from afar as much as you can, especially on higher difficulties.