Secret Mission 12: The Hidden Bracelet
Get the Hidden Bracelet at the end of the Hidden Path.
Characters Dante
Location Mission 21
Demons Nobody, Frost
Secret Mission Navigation
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"Secret Mission 11"

To find this mission, you have to examine the wall directly across from the Divinity Statue that's half-claimed by organic material in Mission 21. It is in the first room you start in.


Walk down the path, killing the Nobodies and collecting a Blue Orb along the way. At the end is a room with a T. Rex skeleton in it. This one doesn't spit fireballs like the one in Mission 17, only belches fire like a flamethrower, and must be defeated with good old-fashioned elbow grease. Any Devil Arm works well, but it is impervious to gunfire. After the "dragon" is dead, two Frosts will spawn (Shadows on Easy). Use Ifrit to kill them. There is an unconventional Red Orb Crystal between the dragon's legs as well. Break that to net some extra orbs.

Once everything is dead, moving platforms will spawn. You must jump across these to reach the Bangle of Time.

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