Devil May Cry 4 - Anatomy of Distorted Real Impact05:26

Devil May Cry 4 - Anatomy of Distorted Real Impact

An explanation of the infamous Distorted Combo

Distorted Real Impact (sometimes abbreviated as D.R.I.) is a powerful move discovered by players since Devil May Cry 3.


When going up against an enemy, perform a normal Real Impact move. When the attack connects, instantly activate your Devil Trigger. One or two hits after you have activated your Devil Trigger, deactivate it. Each time you activate and deactivate your Devil Trigger, your animation will have a distorted look. Performing the Devil Triggers at the precise moments will give you what might possibly be the most powerful single attack in the entire game.

Although it is named Distorted Real Impact, distortion can be triggered with any melee attack.

It is proved, that distorted Gilgamesh Just Level-2 Straight is the strongest attack in Devil May Cry 4.

Devil May Cry 4Edit

Some players consider this move as a glitch on Capcom's part, but however considering the Dreadnaught Visual bug, and the Infinite Yamato Combo bug (Dante and Nero glitches respectively) have been fixed as of the PC release of Devil May Cry 4, and considering that Distorted Real Impact has been altered to always be performed when Devil Triggering in and out of Real Impact while in Devil Form, it can be interpreted as Capcom recognizing and/or intending "D.R.I." as a legitimate combo in the game.

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