"Divine Hate" (named as "Battle-2 (Battle Music 2)" in the soundtrack) is a song for Devil May Cry 3, which is played during fights with lesser demons in missions 14 to 19 (Mission 20 is not included as there is only a boss fight). In Mission 1, the battle theme is "Dante's Office 7 Hells Battle" and in all remaining ones is "Taste The Blood". Lyrics written and performed by Shootie HG and music is composed by Tetsuya Shibata.


Now you've really crossed the line
Your hate for me is divine
My love yearns your suffer
On the grave lurks my prosper
Taunt more as a lure but it's no use
Knots tight my excite I prepare the noose
Say no more it's time for you to make your move
My blackened soul lit by your fuel
(Hail to a father of divine
To his son the light will shine
From the angst of lost memories
A just revenge to cure misery
Life of vengeance, a passive test
Until the grave, I will rest.
Engage the pressure until it crumbles
The existence of the lifeless black souls.)

Implodes your moral and drains your pride
Too late for debate or run and hide
Time to take your life it tolls the bell
To your hell I’d like to welcome you


  1. Lyrics are taken from Shootie HG site

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