Mission : Mission 01: Found''
Characters Dante
Secret Missions Copper: Air Brawl
Bosses Hunter
Tutorials Basic Combo, Launch, Air Combos, Dodging
Mission Navigation
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"Home Truths"

Found is the first mission in DmC: Devil May Cry. The mission opens with Dante waking up with a hangover and a girl named Kat arriving at his trailer to warn him of demons pursuing him. The mission contains one Key, one Secret Door, and six Lost Souls.


The mission opens with an introduction of the main villian Mundus (under the false name Kyle Ryder), displaying his taste for world control. He mentions a 'loose end', the son of Sparda, Dante, who could ruin his plan. Dante is then shown, passed out in bed with a newcast displaying images of The Order. A knock on Dante's trailer introduces Kat, who claims that Dante is being pursued by demons, one of which being the powerful Hunter Demon.

Dante is pulled into Limbo and must fight through waves of Lesser Stygians and groups of Bathos and must fight through the city streets. The mission spans through the pier, carnival grounds, and a haunted house before culminating with a boss battle against the Hunter Demon.


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