Secret Mission : Copper: The Power Within
DmC SM 10
Kill all enemies before Dante' Devil Trigger expires. Each enemy killed restores some of Dante's Devil Trigger.
Characters Dante
Location Mission 11
Demons Stygians
Secret Mission Navigation
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"SM09: Copper: Bait and Switch" "SM11: Argent: What Goes Around"

Copper: The Power Within is the tenth Secret Mission in DmC: Devil May Cry. At the beginning of the mission, Dante will automatically use Devil Trigger. He must then defeat all 9 Stygians before the Devil Trigger duration expires. Each enemy defeated will restore some Devil Trigger gauge.

It is recommended to pull the enemies towards Dante using Demon Pull and then use Eryx' Brawler (B t B t B t/Bx y Bx y Bx y) to easily defeat the enemies.

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