Secret Mission : Argent: Colossal Triumph
DmC SM 14
Kill the Tyrant within the time limit
Characters Dante
Location Mission 18
Demons Tyrant
Secret Mission Navigation
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"SM13: Argent: Flawless Conquest" "SM15: Argent: Hasty Acquisition"

Argent: Colossal Triumph is the fourteenth Secret Mission in DmC: Devil May Cry. In this, Dante must defeat a Tyrant within the time limit 45 seconds.

To quickly defeat the Tyrant, its charge attack must be parried with any of Eryx' ground charged attack. Once the Tyrant is down, Dante must hack away with heavy Demonic weapon attacks. If the Tyrant becomes enraged, shoot multiple darts from Kablooey to its back and detonate it to stagger it.

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