Secret Mission : Gold: Subsistence
DmC SM 20
Characters Dante
Location Mission 09
Demons Lesser Stygians, Death Knights, Ravagers, Dreamrunner
Secret Mission Navigation
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"SM19: Gold: A Day in Hell" "SM21: Ivory: Shenanigans "

Gold: A Day in Hell is the twentienth Secret Mission in DmC: Devil May Cry. In this, Dante must survive in three minutes while his health continually drains and will only be recovered by defeating enemies or by using Devil Trigger.

Enemies in this secret mission will spawn in set intervals, starting from the 4 Lesser Stygians at the beginning, followed by 2 Death Knights around the 45 second mark, followed by 2 Ravagers at the 90 second mark and finally, a Dreamrunner by the 2 minute mark. Any enemies defeated will respawn immediately.

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