Katakana エキドナ
Title She-Viper
Ruler of the Demon Trees (魔樹の支配者 Maju no Sehaisha?)
Species Demon
Appearances Devil May Cry 4
Role Antagonist
Actors (En:) Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (DMC4)
You may jest, but the kindest fate I offer is to unify and spend eternity with a child of mine!

—Echidna, Devil May Cry 4

Echidna is a giant serpent demoness that has taken over the Mitis Forest, where she flies around and scatters her Chimera seed-eggs to propagate further demons, with which she plans to create a world where demons would prosper.[1] Both Nero and Dante run into Echidna and fight her during the course of Devil May Cry 4.


In her dragon form, Echidna resembles a giant serpent with feathery frills on her neck, and several eyes on her head. However, the head can open up into four petals to reveal her true body, a woman's torso growing out of the tail, similar to a mermaid, with the serpent's "tongue" splitting large red plumes that grow from her head like hair.


Echidna is a demoness who likes to sneak up on her opponents and swallow them whole. She has a sentimental attachment to the forest she lives in, claiming it as her own. She has a desire for her children to merge with as many life forms as possible, believing it to be the kindest fate she has to offer. She cares very little for the seed pods but once the Chimera Seed hatches, she is very protective of them and is greatly angered when they are killed.


Devil May Cry 4Edit

Nero encounters Echidna while he travels through the forest searching for a way to the Order's headquarters. He is soon ambushed by Echidna while crossing the Ruined Valley, but manages to escape as she destroys the walkway behind him. He finds Echidna again at her den by the Hell Gate, and they fight. Nero manages to defeat Echidna, and grabs her tail with his Devil Bringer to prevent her from escaping into the Hell Gate. However, Echidna wrenches free, leaving Nero with only the Sephirothic Fruit.

On his way back to Fortuna, Dante encounters Echidna laying her egg-seeds throughout the forest. Dante responds by stylishly kicking several of them into the forest. They ricochet off the trees in a complex manner that leads to them all striking Echidna in the face. Furious, she tries to devour Dante, but he forces his way out of her mouth and fights her. In the end, she is killed by Dante, who then uses the Hell Gate's Devil Arm, Gilgamesh to destroy the monument. She is encountered again by Nero in the body of the Savior as one of the bosses fought in Mission 19.


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Echidna is named after the Greek mythological monster of the same name, whose name was Greek for "she-viper". She was the mother of many monsters, including Cerberus and the Chimera.


Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Devil May Cry 4, Boss File — Echidna: "Master of a forest home to many demonic mysteries, Echidna scatters its seeds to act as hosts for further demons. She aims to create a world where demons prosper through her plant-like progeny. Appearing to be a dragon, Echidna takes the shape of a woman wrapped in petals."

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